‘Black Magic Woman’ – Anu Mahtani Hinduja???

Yesterday a ‘Reader’ commented:She’s (Anu Mahtani Hinduja) pregnant! So I guess the black magic worked! Lol               I was forwarded a link by a reader: Jaya Submitted on 2016/03/30 at 3:11 AM Just search for Anu Mahtani ripoffreport and see the entry there. Black magic apparently I got to agree […]

Rich Men are Picking Up Eunuchs in the Still of the Night

I am sure you must have spotted eunuchs soliciting on the streets of Delhi. Earlier they were spotted at Dhaula Kuan, in the dark kerbs near the AIIMS flyover or at the Moolchand crossing. These garishly dressed eunuchs (better known here as Hijras) usually catered to desperate auto-rickshaw drivers, truckers and wayward perverts. But recently […]

Now we have Porn Wikileaks

‘Exposing’ is the foundation stone of the porn industry. But now the website called Porn Wikileaks hosted from Netherlands has brought a harrowing new level of ‘Expose’ to Porn Valley by publishing the real names of more than 12,000 porn performers. That’s just the start. Porn Wikileaks has wrecked havoc on performers’ lives for months by […]

Prasad Bidappa’s March edition of the ‘Ugly’ Calendar

Last month on February 01, 2011 exposed the aesthetically repulsive Gay Calendars that he circulates exclusively to his bunch of gay friends. got its hands on the March edition of the Bidappa’s calendar, which is equally if not more repulsive. This one actually shows a guy being sodomised, while another guy indulges in […]

Gudda: “Am so happy for K Jo & Siddharth”

Am so happy to know that Rohit Bal occasionally reads my Blog. And unlike most, Gudda neither submits ‘Anonymous’ comments, nor uses any ‘Pseudonyms’. He is outright and bold and comments from the heart. Here is Rohit Bal’s unedited comment on the snippet ‘Karan Johar’s latest Toy Boy | Fashion Scandal’ rohit bal says: November 22, […]