Prasad Bidappa’s March edition of the ‘Ugly’ Calendar

Last month on February 01, 2011 exposed the aesthetically repulsive Gay Calendars that he circulates exclusively to his bunch of gay friends. got its hands on the March edition of the Bidappa’s calendar, which is equally if not more repulsive. This one actually shows a guy being sodomised, while another guy indulges in oral sex with him. EEEKS!!! Have a look and judge for yourself!I pity the male models who fall victim to this ‘Calendar’ project of Prasad Bidappa. I am sure non of the models who feature on Bidappa’s Gay Calendars are aware of it. Though the faces are not shown in these monthly calendars, it’s still a gross violation of an individual’s modesty. Is Prasad Bidappa exploiting his position as a fashion stylist and choreographer? Waddya Say???

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  1. kaushik says:

    kudos to Fashion Scandal–for exposing this horrid story! i dont think male models featured in this gay calender r all that innocent ! today’s male and female models can go to any extent to earn money or to get get noticed ! most of these young models –characters r extremly shady nowadays ! dont know why model guru-fashion guru–prasad bidappa has to get into such sleazy acts ! disgusting !!!

  2. fashionista says:

    Well there is nothing wrong in publishing a gay calendar in my opinion. Whether its an object of beauty is completely open to your interpretation. I think its rather erotic in nature and well done. You ofcourse think other wise..oh wait, you arent homophobic are you now darlin? There is no place for phobia in this kind of a world!

  3. raam says:

    wonder those missing face s ! guess the balls are missing lol!

  4. GeekyGirl says:

    Honestly if this was a bunch of women in compromising positions you would’ve called it art. Or even a man and a woman! Why not the same standards for men? Being a woman I find the image rather sensual and I agree with fashionista that one may be homophobic to call it ugly! And how could those models not know what they were being made to do? Isn’t it pretty obvious they were posing for a shoot? He was discreet enough to leave their faces out so I don’t see how they’re victims here!

  5. Baby says:

    Oh wow! Shahrukh, Karan and Arjun. Hi guys!
    Oh but we’re never supposed to mention Shahrukh are we? Shhhh!!!!

  6. Mdmdmd says:

    I guess is that fashion scandal wants to show the hypocrisy that exists in today’s industry of fashion. They are probably fighting against the possibility that this is a casting couch.

  7. Tab_K says:

    Y pity the models? Were they not aware, what they are doing in those positions? Its purely voluntary … if not these, some other person will do that. Its more of their will to do that, why to blame PB or models for that matter.

  8. Twesha says:

    Its brilliant. I love his concept, direction and camera work ofcourse.
    what he has done here is for his friends, lets accept it as a nice gesture like how we would give cards to our friends. Its none of others’ business.

    we are so hypocritical. its easy to say we accept it. Lets actually accept it and Let people love and live.

  9. venu says:

    Nice work..n m sure the models do know what they are doing. He is a famous personality and wouldn’t have a need to exploit anyone .. lovely peice of work Mr.Bidapa.. kudos to u ! n all the stupid narrow minded heads ..SHUT UP !!!

  10. A lovely post there mate!

  11. Amit says:

    If you don’t like the calendar, ignore it. It is just not to your taste. Many people will enjoy it. Just leave it at that.

    I thank whoever it is… Prasad Bidappa included in bringing these beautiful calendars to us. I hope we can see more expression of such sexuality.

  12. Joe says:

    EEEW. that is DISGUSTING!

  13. Lingeshwar says:

    Hi ! Mr.Prasad Bidappa Wish you All The Best.
    It’s Good Lighting What You Have Done, I Feel Jealous Because I Was Not Able To Co-Ordinate With You.I Am Your ex-Student Lingeshwar,Any How Sir I Quit photography Long -ago,Now I Am Into construction Business Sir cell 9379166144.

  14. kriti kanodia says:

    its a very strong depiction of passion and has a deeper meaning attached to it….it takes guts to be free bout showing ur sexual prefrences…i thinks he has taken a huge leap to meet art(to express) of the western standards

  15. Amir khan says:

    HI this is Amir khan, i love myself very much n people do like my personality..;) all i can say abt me is tht i’m bold enough 2 do anythng n evrything….:)a word which describe me***MODEL***

  16. nilesh says:

    i don’t see whats wrong in this.
    second, the models would know that they are being clicked. so obviously they would have an idea of where there pictures are being used.

    whats the deal/scandal really? have the models complained?

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