The Lecherous Fathers Unveiled on Fathers’ Day

Today is Fathers’ Day and as promised brings to you some infamous Lecherous Fathers – The Thadki Dads.I got lot of suggestions, which I’ll enlist here. However I am not enlisting Single Dads who are separated or divorced from their wives. I am giving them the benefit of being single.

Bollywood Dads are very lecherous. Many suggested the name of Shakti Kapoor. Indeed he tops the list. But Jeetendra is no less lecherous. He and his friends – Prem Chopra and Raakesh Roshan meet up at the Sun and Sand Hotel at Juhu everyday around 6pm. Jeetendra is seen at his lecherous best there. He has a roving eye and befriends unsuspecting young fans, the age of his daughters only to lure them for some naughty fun.

Then there are industrialists. One such lecherous guy is the husband of a respected actress of TV Serials and used to head a Biscuit brand. Then there’s this guy who was associated with a media conglomerate and was the pioneer of India’s first beauty pageant. When he was at the helm of affairs, he used to make indecent proposals to contestants and promise winning ranks. He is no longer with the media house. You all must be aware of the guy who launched one of the first Private Airline and later sold it off and of course the undisputed Liqour Baron. Both are shameless and lecherous to the core, always looking for girls their daughters’ age to have fun.In Delhi too there are no dearth of lecherous dads. One such dad is the father to two daughters, one of whom is married but now separated and linked-up with many guys. They are in the fashion business. The father has a roving eye and makes the female staff very uncomfortable in the office when his eyes get fixed on their cleavages.

Yet another dirty dad is a millionaire meat-exporter. His daughter and wife are big time fashionistas but I was surprised to see him at a party making move at any lady standing momentarily alone. He sheepishly used to move in and try to make conversation but never got lucky. Finally he tried his luck on the East-European girls who were floating around at the party serving drinks. Poor Thadki failed there too.

6 Replies to “The Lecherous Fathers Unveiled on Fathers’ Day”

  1. B says:

    Damn I know nothing about socialites…so I have no idea with the clues u gave lol

  2. jack says:

    Well all I can say that there are Alaghs, Damanias, Guhas, Qureshis and Sachdevas in the list…

  3. Miss Bond says:

    Hi, regarding the Sun-and Sand info, I have confirmed news that the 3rd lecherous dad is Rishi Kapoor and not Prem Chopra.

  4. Anthead says:

    I guessed all of them correctly even without the clue. But damn, Sunil Alagh, who would have guessed. Where’s his daughter these days?

  5. sabrina says:

    Ask any Sun n’ Sand Hotel waiter and he will confirm that Jeetendra, Raakesh Roshan and Rishi Kapoor have permanent rooms booked for their thadki deeds…

  6. Shantanu says:

    The only name I could guess was that of Subrata Roy Sahara and Vijay Mallya.However I knew about Sahara beforehand.He didnot make public appearance for quite a while and the buzz was that he might have contracted HIV virus.

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