‘Delhi Goss’ Is More In Demand Than ‘B-Town Goss’

naughty-gossipFolks recently a curious reader asked me if Delhi’s movers and shakers are deft in keeping their gossip under wraps or are they just well behaved? Here it is:


Submitted on 2015/12/12 at 1:43 AM

Jack! Can you do a post on the Delhi (ex-) royalty. They seem to keep the goss under tight wraps or are they just super well behaved?

No Vedika the Dilli players aren’t boringly well-behaved but yes they try to keep it hidden but their best buddies spill out the goss to the dawgs! By the way, I did not understand what you mean by ‘Delhi (ex) Royalty’.

scandal1goss2Yes in Delhi we have this serial dater who’s literally living up to her name. The Lutyen Zone tycoon and Miss’Date’ are no longer on. Imagine all that drama of wife leaving the house and moving into Taj Mahal Hotel while the girlfriend partied lead to nothing. Anyway the wifey is back at home and Ms. Date is with another rich bugger. If things last you will spot her at 2016 IPL at Kings XI Punjab matches sharing chyavanprash with her new mate.
The grizzly bear, Ratul Puri is on the hunt now. He is trying to get close to a popular Delhi fashionista. She is a friend so am leaving it at that. And the Marwari tycoons of the Capital are playing with expats. There’s a Goel dude who’s enjoying the company of a London based Moroccan girl who is well-known to many Delhi-ites
Lot of people request me for B-Town gossip. Guys am not so clued-in on Bollywood. Rarely I write B-Town goss and that too when I am confident about the facts. But then you have so many hi-fi bloggers feeding you the latest B-Town goss. Don’t you??? But yes, Mumbai’s tycoons too are juggling wives and girlfriends. This tycoon who owns a chemical and fertilizer conglomerate, Jai Shroff and is married to Sheetal’s sis, Poonam Bhagat flies off to London for naughty-naughty games. He prefer blondes and has a recently retired corrupt and charge sheeted bureaucrat pimping for him. Another real estate tycoon had a hot Polish babe managing his yacht but the poor guy is high and dry as the Polish babe is not getting a visa to return to India.

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  1. handcuffedonice says:

    Your post may need a small correction about grizzly bear dating a new woman.

    He is not with a new girl, He is back with his ex. And considering a rare occasion where you have refrained from naming her, will respect your concerns and her dimples and not give any clues as well.

    Also, you may open your ears into trouble brewing at a lutyens home of telecom biggie whose son recently married a high school sweetheart – and in less than a year, he has been found enjoying the company of another lovely friend of the wife in london.

  2. vedika says:

    Haha this is amazing Jack! This one will keep your audience guessing for a while. Royalty of the Maharajas, Rajkumar/is sort.

  3. jack says:

    Don’t make me go berserk on Fukrey Royalties…their karnaamas are atrocious

  4. Maver1ck says:

    Amazing. could you please spill the names.

    Also as Vedika said/asked, please write a piece about all the Royalty, especially the ones in Delhi.

  5. MB says:

    “tycoon who owns a chemical and fertilizer conglomerate and is married to Sheetal’s sis flies off to London for naughty-naughty games” sounds like Jai Shroff who is married to Sheetal Mafatlal’s sister Poonam Bhagat.
    I thought his frequent trips to London were to visit his children(from his 1st wife) who live there.

  6. Nupur S says:

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of J’s first wife who moved to Dubai to live in with Akai Baron Kabir Mulchandani. Some years ago Kabir was in embroiled in a big real estate controversy, and in jail. But last year it was reported that he married the daughter of a Dubai based Sheikh and with it came new luck and fortune all the way!

  7. niharika says:

    really want some gossip about the royals. are they real gentlemen or are god in keeping everything under wraps. please do spill some gossip. i got some myself too. can help you

  8. just saying says:

    Any news on the Nandas? Nikhil Nanda seems to have his private life firmly private. Straight up guy or skeletons in his closet?

  9. Colossial says:

    @handcuffedonice this was so easy to guess. So telecom kid is hiking to an affair this quick. But I think his elder sister lives in London with her family if I am not mistaken. Do you know anything about another brother.

  10. Colossial says:

    Jack I want to ask you something.I have read an article in economics times gossip section. Can you tell me who these people are

    Corporate abhimaan

    CEOs and promoters often share a love-hate equation. Take this CEO of a leading consumer goods company who has earned the ire of his promoter for being, ahem, very successful. Apparently, the promoter’s king size ego has been pricked by the professional’s popularity among analysts and media. Once a little know entity, the company shot to prominence with an acquisition and the efforts of the CEO to restore the company’s financial health. The upshot is that the CEO may soon move out and become an entrepreneur himself.


  11. jack says:

    Would love to solve the puzzle but ET has given no clues…CEO of leading consumer good company??? FMCG, consumer durables, white goods…which segment???
    Wish they would had narrowed it down

  12. jack says:

    specify which royalty??? Rajasthan, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Hyderabad…
    Or why not straight tell me, which family and I promise you if I have dope on them, will post it.

  13. Nupur S says:

    An FS story on royalty will be incomplete without a mention of some non-royals who pretend to be relations of royals, or who look for every opportunity to be photographed with them. No prizes for guessing the name of this Mumbai based model who works so hard to to be seen as one of them- when in reality she is not even distantly related or even a part of their social circle.

  14. MB says:

    The Gwalior royals??

  15. niharika says:

    gwalior royals and extended family

  16. vedika says:


  17. waheda says:


  18. samaresh biswal says:

    please do write a blog post on odisha royalty

  19. handcuffedonice says:


    The twin is making remarkable process in growing within company (while the other is happy with mktg). He is bit sorted, other than occasional fine line of getting high.

    w.r.t. eco times – Saugata Gupta would be the next big exit from marico after the CMO left few months back.

  20. Colossial says:

    @handcuffwdonice I know that he parties a lot in weekends and gets high. Thanks for answering my blind.

  21. Ash says:

    @jack OMG…Can you elaborate without naming the “recently retired corrupt and charge sheeted bureaucrat” What’s the story.

  22. jack says:

    Retired on 31st October 2015. Was posted in Gujarat Khadi

  23. Ash says:

    @jack hmm the suspicions right, i know him.I actually wanted to know what went down in London, if there are any juicy details.

  24. jack says:

    Oh there are loads of juicy details…just working on proof and paper-trail so give me a little time…

  25. gossip_queen says:

    Jack whats the gossip on Shweta B Nanda and Nikhil Nanda’s marriage? With all the rumours about SB and HR, are they together just for the sake of the kids and the paps? Or can we expect a divorce announcement soon?

  26. jack says:

    No don’t expect any divorce announcement anytime soon. Both the families (respective mom & dads) are not going to let it happen till they’re alive. So take it as an open marriage with full freedom…

  27. niharika says:

    any updates on the royals. dying to know the juicy details

  28. Turmoil5 says:

    Jack, what’s the news with RP and Tithi and RP’s wife? What’s going on?

  29. Tuna says:

    Jack, what’s latest with RP and Tithi?

  30. jack says:

    Miya – Biwi Naraaz…Ms. Date and Grizzly Bear separately looking for greener pastures…life’s a big party!!!

  31. gossipgurl says:

    Jack, what’s new with RPs wife and children?

  32. Gossip678 says:

    Jack. What is new with Delhis elite???

  33. gossip_queen says:

    Jack whats the news on Arora sisters? I have heard rumours that Arbaaz and Malaika have an open marriage?

  34. Alcie says:

    Hey jack! Happy new years! Any news on bolly? Is deepika and ranveer in an open relationship? Is sid really dating alia or is it just a cover for him? I read somewhere that he was gay.

  35. sang says:

    Jack, pls do a post on Page 3 wannabes too …. like you did a few years back and that post was just awesome.

  36. Colossial says:

    @gossip queen Its a known fact in gossip circles. Malaika enjoys are toy boys and her flings. Remember her fling with Arjun Kapoor. Arpita caught them in bed and then complained to Salman. that time Arpita and Arjun were dating.

    Arbaaz Khan affair with Huma Qureshi is well known in bollywood. He also enjoys flings with starlets.

  37. sang says:

    and I thought Sohail was with Huma… hmm weird world!!!

  38. vrush says:

    Arbaaz Khan affair with Huma Qureshi??? wasnt there were reports of sohail khan having affair with huma?

  39. CuriousZ says:

    So are the Nanda couple over? Is Shweta dating anyone ? Nikhil Nanda dating anyone?

  40. CuriousZ says:

    Also, who is the congress ka beta dating?

  41. Alcie says:

    Of all the men she could have dated, Huma picked a legally married man? Why is she tarnishing her rep?! We all know that men get away with far more shit than women do, so she should have been cautious not to lose out on projects and relationships in bwood.

  42. Blingy says:

    What about Priyanka Wadra and her husband?? All good…?? And her brother RG??

  43. naughtytommy says:

    The charge sheeted Gujarat Khadi official ? ? is O ravi. !!

  44. bigaeroplane says:

    “tycoon who owns a chemical and fertilizer conglomerate and is married to sheetal’s sis flies off to London for Naughty-naughty games”…… also shares and shares alike !! with younger brother and only and unmarried son of a current minister whose wife works with an NGO in gurgaon.

    the straightforward ministers wheeler dealer son is memorized into a world of private jets, yachts, fast cars, world cup football matches and russian hookers for indirect political favour and contacts

    this is the mantra for new found businesses to get into the big league faster.


  45. Nupur S says:

    @bigaeroplane– younger bro– are you referring to V?

  46. vedika says:

    i read a blind item about nawab of bollywood possibly being cash-stipped. couldnt even cough up 20 laks for wife’s jewellery bill. i know their property in under lawsuit but not have 20Ls in cash fluidity is pretty bad. what is the deal ther, jack?

  47. jack says:

    @Vedika I am not a fan of ‘blind items’. If you wanna write , go all out with details and names. What’s this wink-wink slimy game? Basically do ‘ungli’ and save your backside.
    I don’t know much but he has invested a lot on his Palce, which is now a heritage luxury hotel and the family’s assets in Bhopal are under some dispute…also films he produced haven’t been profitable…
    Possible that he may be cash-strapped…happens in life. Remeber what AB went through???

  48. diva says:

    @ handcuffedonice, Collosial, Jack got any gossip on the Nandas? Seems like Shweta’s permanently moved to Mumbai at this point :/ And what about the telecom twins mentioned above? I know the one of them just welcomed a kid, what about the other one, seems too private and clean.

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