Let’s See What Cupid’s Upto

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just a week away!

Here’s quiz for you folks to match the pair. Who is going to share love with whom, let us find out.



The following names are in alphabetical order and let me know who are a couple:

GENTLEMEN                                                                          LADIES

  • Aditya Kilachand                                                   * Iulia Vantur
  • Farhan Akhtar                                                        * Jacqueline Fernandez
  • Salman Khan                                                         * Kanika Kapoor
  • Siddharth Malhotra                                               * Shraddha Kapoor

Forget B-Town celebrities; Delhi link-ups are rather more exiting:

  • Arkesh Singh Deo                                                  * Niamat Singh
  • Bhanu Choudrie                                                     * Pallavi Rathore
  • Ratul Puri                                                                * Savitri Singh
  • Riju Jhunjhunwala                                                 * Shikha Kajaria
  • Sanjit Bakshi                                                          * Simrin Bakshi

Well do you know who are the coupes here? I am not so informed. Enlighten me please!

10 Replies to “Let’s See What Cupid’s Upto”

  1. moviemaniax says:

    Her name is Iulia not Lulya. It’s starting with letter I, I as in India and its pronounced as ee-oo-lia

  2. Deepak says:

    Aren’t Arkesh and Kalikesh, Brohters? Quite a fine specimen both are…any spice to share about them Jack?
    Riju Jhunjhunwala and sunaini and jamil are all quiet an item Jack…

  3. mona says:

    Tell us the answers pls!!

  4. jack says:

    @mona answers are to provided by readers…

  5. Sam says:

    Bollywood, here goes-
    Salman- lulia
    Aditya- Kanika
    Siddhartha – Jacquline
    Farhan- shradha.
    As for delhi,
    Arkesh recently married to VP singhs grand daughter. Not sure if he should be on the list- could be his brother?
    Bhanu- simran recently divorced but not sure who they are dating now.
    Wasn’t Savitri with the berry boy?

  6. Truthseeker says:

    But Siddharth is a Gay? No or he is Bi?

  7. Deep says:

    yes.. Sid is gay, KJo is simply using Jacqueline and Alia as Beards…

  8. Footy says:

    All cheaters

  9. gogi says:

    Hi jack,

    please elaborate on the delhi affairs. also are ridhima and bharat sahni in a open relationship?

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