Sameer Thapar Liquidated most of his properties

Industrialist Sameer Thapar recently sold off his sprawling Aurangzeb Road Bungalow for an unheard amount before – Rs. 280 Crores. The buyer is none other than Real Estate Tycoon – Rajiv Singh of DLF.

And guess who are upset about Sammy selling off his Lutyen’s Bungalow? Well they are a bunch of expat girls who enjoyed after-hour parties at Sammy’s place. Some even lived out of that house. Poor girls! I pity them because what a big transition for them, from a sprawling Bungalow at Aurangzeb Road to cramped-up Barsatis in Defence Colony. And yeah no more free booze, free food and free partying every night with an occasional ride in Sammy’s Ferrari.

But it’s not just the Aurangzeb Road Bungalow that Sameer Thapar has sold off. I learnt from valued resources that he liquidated most of his properties as he is in a major resource crunch.

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  1. Beth says:

    Hahhhaha. You slay me. What an accurate depiction of the typical “ex pat” girl life here. I watch from my relatively aged and sedate status and vacillate between disgust and amusement.

  2. Anthead says:

    Ah – so this was the guy who was famous (notorious) for hosting firang girls at his Aurangzeb Road bungalow, even ratty backpackers straight out of Paharganj! How is he related to the Thapar clan?

  3. Priest says:

    Rajiv will have to get the house cleaned properly. There are thousands of panties and G strings cemented in the walls. But I must say , Sammy is a harmless guy and invited all to his house irrespective to their pocket size or social standing. . I have never seen him getting in fights , show offs etc. Its just his interest in women brought thousands of them to his place and he gave the best of hospitality 😉 @Anthead – He is not related to Thapar clan , Thapar Clan starts from him…..
    Jack start a recent comment option on home page .

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  7. Rahul says:

    Samir Thapar is a major cheat and fraud. He is not the man of words and he is just a pimp who arranges women for high profile politicians.
    He cheated me and took a huge sum from me in a business deal and later sold it to somebody else too when he was offered more money. Till date this bastard has not returned my money. Samir Thapar I am not going to spare you. I am going to ruin your old age you bloody cheap moron.

  8. Claire says:

    After reading this you may want to visit my website as we are both on a like minded wave length.

  9. Bella says:

    With all the doggone snow I have had as of late I am stuck indoors , fortunately there is the net, thanks for making me something to do

  10. ben says:

    This comment comes from a person whose Email ID is :
    Is he Samir Thapar himself, calling himself Ben???

    i have known samir for years.He would never cheat anyone and has the biggest heart in the world.anyone would be lucky to have a friend like him.Just because he hosts the best partys you are jealous of him because most of us would love to have his life.He has sucessfully run his company even though he inherited a company with huge problems.So rahul get a life and relook at who really the cheat could be.

  11. Gemma says:

    As a designer working in India for many years, I would first like to say i do not think of myself as ‘Farang’ due to the colour of my skin, I would not decribe Indian people who were living and working in London as ‘Foreigners’ becuase we are all gobal citizans and expect to be treated that way. London is a cosmopolitan city which excepts multi-national citizens into the fold and if Delhi considers itself in anyway international or cosmopolitan, people should really wise-up and STOP this nasty RACISM. As that is how it comes across.
    I also have know Samir for years and will vouch he does have a huge heart and loves to host people, consequently he is famous for throwing the best parties which, unlike most Delhi parites, are not based apon social status but merely on fun people with great characters and charisma, whether they live in a a bad part of town frankly who cares- only snobs.
    We all go through up’s and down’s in LIFE and if Samir sells his house, fine, even if he ended up with no money living in a shanti- i would happily still be there for him and take him for a drive in my ferrari. Plus does he not still feed thousands of street people daily ….really people should be taking a leaf from his book not dissing his kindness and generosity.

  12. Gayatri says:

    You people are pathetic. Get a life.

  13. Leechcraft says:

    I agree with Gemma, Mr. Samir Thapar aka Sammy, is gem of a person and a business tycoon. It really does go without saying that he has a huge heart. I have been to his parties, i have also spun records at his parties and watched him enjoy like a child without any bias towards any class or anything like that, i doubt such things even pass through his mind. He is well spoken, doesnt give you the attitude unlike the new rich brats throw at these days. Had i been poor, i wouldve feared people like them, but i havent seen people getting intimidated by him but they display enormous respect for him even behind his back. I am against the media tryin to tarnish his image. Let him be please.

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