‘Moolah Rouge’- Money Is Thicker Than Blood

Ravi flaunting his cloutDelhi’s first-family of homegrown luxury brand, the Chawlas of Ravissant fame are now becoming more infamous for estranged family relationships. The saga of ‘sour relationships’ in Ravi and Mina Chawla’s family started decades back with their estranged daughter-in-law. The family had so much hate for the daughter-in-law that they ousted their own blood, the son. The daughters added fuel to fire and ensured that even the grand-daughter is not spared. More about the vendetta with the son, daughter-in-law and the grand-daughter in my next story about this famous’ family’s dirty tricks.


Charu_Chetancharu chawla copyThe two daughters of Ravi and Mina Chawla – Malini and Charu married successful men. Most recently Charu separated from her lawyer husband, Chetan Anand (lawyer R K Anand’s son). She has barred the estranged hubby from meeting their child.  I am not spilling any private family matter in public domain. Charu Chawla herself has made it ‘public’ by changing her Facebook status to ‘single’ so please spare me the morality sermons.

Malini and Arjun Sehgal marriage is also on the rocks. Not sure about the exact status but yes the hubby is told whom to talk to, whom to sit with and whom to be seen with by the wifey. Chawlas have a penchant for control and hold on to the leash. 

Ravissant _ FraudLoyal employees who spent their life at Ravissant were accused of fraud and jailed. Why not??? They have clout and money power. If blood relations and family can be whipped, who the hell are employees? Yours truly too will now get harangued in numerous ways but fact is a fact.

11 Replies to “‘Moolah Rouge’- Money Is Thicker Than Blood”

  1. FK says:

    Jack, are you implying that the employees were framed for someone else’s actions???

  2. asen says:

    Bravo, Jack! U sure do live on the fast lane

  3. James minto says:

    Jack. I hear that VC, the son has started his own competitive brand in the uk. What’s the story there boss.

  4. Babloo says:

    Jack people accuse Ravi Chawla to be a smuggler… I don’t even know if his silver is real silver. The hall marking is fine by his own unit. Please investigate. I have his piece with silver purity test report Happy to share sir


  5. jack says:

    If you have documents do share

  6. jack says:

    @James yes I have heard too.

  7. James says:

    Jack. U are a super and gutsy journalist. Keep up the good work. Keep these corrupt rich on their toes Well done mate

  8. Raja says:

    Mr jack

    You are a fearless and great for country to put these dishonest ones in their right place

  9. hustan says:

    bloody fucking Indian rich owner fuck them.

  10. God_ShaReef says:

    Chawlas hain hi haraami.
    Kalyani Saha ki kasam.
    Oops Kalyani Chawla.

    Aapka God_ShaReef.

    Kya aapke andar ki God, Chawla hai?
    Better ask Kalyani!!!
    She loved the surName… for so long…
    She stucked… sucked… slurrped… EVERYTHING… Hiss hiss…

  11. Ravi says:

    Ravi Chawla is renowned for being a cheat, he has been nasty to all his loyal employees. Manisha in Bombay is in the same trap.

    Please investigate his Hawala scams

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