“Duke & Duchess Posed with ‘Art Theft Faker'”, said Daily Mail, UK

The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton’s India visit was extensively covered by the media in United Kingdom. But the English media reported facts and called ‘spade a spade’ unlike our Desi tabloid media. Of course their are exceptions in India like fashionscandal.com that published the presence of the […]

LV Ad Banned in UK for Misleading Customers

Folks, wanted to share this bit of news that I came across. I do support the BSA’s reasoning behind banning the Louis Vuitton Ad! Britain’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has banned two Louis Vuitton ads for misleading customers. One of the ads depicts a seamstress sewing together a handbag with text that reads, “The seamstress […]