Alarming Exodus of HNI From INDIA

I wasn’t really shocked when I learnt that the scamster diamantaire, Nirav Modi changed his status in November 2017 from being an Indian citizen to being a Resident of Dubai. In fact most high net-worth individuals (HNI) have made their exodus from India to United Kingdom or Dubai since 2015-16. 

Lutyens Delhi is empty and so are some sprawling farmhouses in Chhattarpur. Most fat-cats of Delhi have taken up Residency in Dubai or United Kingdom. Be it a rice exporter or a commodity trader or a hotelier or a real estate tycoon or an infrastructure player or kins of a politician, since 2015/16 they all had moved out of India. Smaller amongst them find it easy to ship-out to Dubai as getting a residency there is easier. Interestingly, the ones who left India for foreign shores had one or more legal matters pending in India.

While our Prime Minister was going all-out with ‘Make in India’, the very makers were slowly leaving India. I personally know almost a dozen such HNIs from Delhi and Mumbai who have now taken up residency in UK or UAE and their reason for flight was ‘tax-terrorism’. Sometimes they blamed Delhi’s pollution to shroud their exodus, but then we all knew what they were escaping from.

I wonder if ordinary people like me can see this growing trend of High Net-Worth Individuals (HNI) making an exodus for foreign shores, how come the government doesn’t see it. Probably they know it all!

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  1. Ziya Akhtar says:

    Not all HNI’s have left. It’s the ones who were evading taxes and fear dire consequences from the govt. Finally a govt that’s bold enough to take action and instead of being in bed with these parasites on the economy.

  2. Monica Achar says:

    It’s that awesome? It’s for the first time that HNI who were evading taxes are actually scared of govt. action. The last govt was in bed with these assholes and finally someone’s getting to them.

  3. Tany says:

    Ziya Akhtar: that same Nirav Modi has pictures clicked with ‘bold enough government’ and मोदी जी, in Davos, Switzerland.. So, all are same and they need such ‘evaders’ to finance their electiel business

  4. Maki says:

    The government has been forced into action and not done it proactively as these incidents were discovered. All these who escaped – Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, etc are all BJP chamchas, contributed crores for elections. So don’t tell me BJP is taking action on them. I am waiting for the day when Ambani and Adani are on the list.

  5. Ziya Akhtar says:

    Tany: Nirav Modi’s foundation has donated millions to the WEF and was an official sponsor. With that clout if he decides to gate crash an event held for the Indian contingent, why blame the PM? For all these years, congress was in bed with these billionaires, how many of them were actually caught? Atleast there’s a legal case against them now. Haters gonna hate!

  6. Deepak says:

    Nobody is scared of the present govt…..this govt passed a bill whereby there will be no scrutiny of any donations to political parties from outside India right from 1976!!!… Don’t believe that people are scared of this govt….they have been replaced by the Adanis, Ambanis and the Choksis…..and now since they are not Indians anymore.. they can continue funding the govt from outside.. there won’t be any scrutiny…. Congress and BJP are just clones of each other…. the absolute scum of this earth….

  7. jack says:

    Reputed economist, Ruchir Sharma said at CNN 18’s ‘Rising India Summit’ that since 2014 23 Million Millionaires have left India. His words are gospel truth…me just a random bloke…

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