PNB Was Awarded ‘Vigilance Excellence Award’. Awesome!

India’s second largest nationalised bank – Punjab National Bank was awarded the ‘Vigilance Excellance Aard’ for the year 2017-17. The prestigious honour was bestowed upon by Cental Vigilance Commission. What a joke! A bank that philanders more than Rupees Eleven Thousand crores on a scrupulous jewel trader – the puny little thief, Nirav Modi is awarded for initiating and adhering to anti-corruption measures. Was Bhai Wah! It happens only in India! 

Don’t believe me? Well see it here:

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  1. FK says:

    It’s unbelievable how rotten the system is and we’re being made ch***yas here by paying taxes upon taxes of our hard earned money for almost everything from Cars to Petrol everything costs double compared to US & EU, while these cronies get away with murder. Ridiculous India. We need to sit back and reflect upon our sad situation and fu**ing revolt.

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