Was ‘Demonetisation’ Secret? NO!

demonitisation-secrecy-copy The demonetisation of the Rupees 500 and 1000 currency that was announced nationally at 8pm on November 8, 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi wasn’t an absolute secret as tom-tommed by the Government. The Hindi daily – Jagran published the story of demonetisation and introduction of Rs. 2000 note on the 27th of October, 2016. Jagran’s reporter, Brijesh Dubey’s story is based on information sourced from RBI officials and is explicit about government’s so called ‘Surgical Strike on Black Money’.

new-rs-500All that brouhaha about absolute stealth in wiping out Rupees 500 and 1000 denomination currency is false. Definitely lot of people knew about it and a popular Hindi newspaper  published a detailed story two weeks prior to the announcement made by the PM on 8th of November. Read the article! All that chest-beating about secrecy and Cabinet asked to keep the mobile phones outside when the news was broken seems so hollow now.

Now the video of the new Rupees 500 currency is released by ANI.


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  1. Give us a break says:

    Actually it’s a dumb move. It’s going to double to corruption in Govt offices as they are going to recover the lost money. Then most of the corporators are BJPs. Trust me they were more aggressive in making money. Somewhat dumb too. Like Janardhan Reddy types. It was hilarious how national telecast of all programs was abruptly stopped and then Obama style standing behind a desk Modi showed up and said all that stuff. It was expected someone like Anupam Kher or Ramdev would cry and deviate public anger and confuse them. Didn’t expect the top guy himself to cry. Whatever am still clueless why the hell they tried this when India is such a terribly poor people’s country. It’s heart breaking to see their hurdles and still not comment in the fear of going against supposed popular opinion. Everyone is just confused.

  2. etios says:

    pfft, Someone predicts somethings almost every time and then toots their horn across the World, this is the similar thing, if it did not come true nobody will care about his prediction in a small column in a newspaper. Otherwise, they should have posted at the front and centre as BREAKING NEWS which every news channel and newspaper did after the announcement. The fact that they posted in a small corner on back pages shows that it was just a hunch.

    So, relax and enjoy the tears of black money hoarders like i am doing, people with tens of crores of cash are running around and asking for help, some even approached me LOL.

    CONgi and PAAP are severely affected that is why they are shouting the most, khujli is devastated as he had collected hundreds of crores cash for Punjab election and now can’t extort more money from traders, businesses and hospitals etc in Delhi. Congi can however still get some money from their International stash hidden in tax havens across the world, maybe Khujli can beg for some more money from Anti- National NGOs based in USA and Europe eventhough it has become very tough for such NGOs now to operate in India with a free hand.

  3. jack says:

    @Etios a story filed by a reporter is decided by the editor on which page it is published. all I intend to say that news was out and some read it and many didn’t.

  4. Dee says:

    @ Ethios: total crap about AAP. I am an NRI in Europe and wanted to donate to AAP. The AAP team asked me for my PAN number and when i said i no longer have an Indian passport they thanked for my support and asked me to volunteer instead. My own personal experience.

  5. kenden says:

    two thousand note started printing 6 months prior. and sending it across many rbi office leaks is bound to happen. somebody did leaked the pix on SM long ago.

    but to remove the 500 and 1000 from circulation was a indeed a secret.

    Kejriwal claiming that it was leaked to close aides and lot of deposit did happen. This sorry a$$ was an IRS officer. didnt he know deposit now or before nov8 is still a deposit and huge sum will attract as much attention before nov 8 or now

    its a brilliant plan. I am sure even Modi did not have anticipated he would kill so many birds with single hand.

  6. jack says:

    @Kenden I may not agree with you totally but then I may be ignorant

  7. Hmm.. says:

    The fake and desperate stories around this all thing surgical.. oh my goodness.. problem is Modi fed the egos of people and nurtured them to be something entirely different from human. Now after electing him they are bound to support him or else they worry they would look stupid to innocent countrymen who stood by some good things. Those egoistic people, they would go to any level and support him. After all no big deal. Few years down the line new gen would do something new. Lekin oh my goodness never seen the egos of people this way and they are so scary. The most violent weapon is ego. People in their life time can’t actually recognize that. But display and use blatantly. What an amazing strategy to rule people. For that I must sadly appreciate this guy. Even if you say right thing they behave like they are hit by something and sting us. They can create lies wherever they are standing or sitting to win an argument. If they are coming Infront of me I esacpe as coffee and lunch times have become horrible. And if they notice we are anti Modi (hehe we are not anti national) these days their attitude reflects their stingy nature in other interactions and conversations in a desperate attempt to dominate. It’s better to let go like how America is trying to come to terms with Donald Trump. And it feels good to see America getting the taste as earlier it felt lonely to be in India being cornered by egotists but wow this is a great development for us to see. Hitler happens again and again and we can be calm. Thats the lesson history has always taught. I see Hitler won with similar majority and fed people with high racist thoughts and people shut others up and then you know. High majority given by racial and egotistical bias have always done the harm. Hope safely India transitions to new gen. Don’t know about US. I hope ans pray it’s all going to be fine. Here let this guy be in power.. who cares. Am going to make sure who is going to be my friends and keep away from them for a lifetime. Those stingy guys are destroying our life styles.

    PS: Oh I wrote this to have some fun burning bhakts. Not that I gave up on my country that much. Hota hain lekin how long ego, arrogance and ignorance can rule? First signs of desperation is already seen in all sort of surgical things done so am much relaxed. Time is catching up. Oh waiting to see when BJP MP folks explode for lack of freedom of speech. Jaitley always looks constipated. Swaraj did some PR when she first became minister but it was abruptly stopped.. like she was all releasing her youth achievement pics as per some PR strategy and suddenly it was cut short. Ab toh she does the job of her PA herself. Like reading and fwding tweets. Utna toh public connection chahiye if she eyed PM post ever. It looked like once upon a time she did. But no chance anymore. I am wondering if BJP folks themselves do open their eyes to do good things to country’s freedom of speech and individuality. After all some guy like Carl Jung said human beings cannot be dominated for long or something to that effect. So many more things to come. Hmm wonder if this gets published. ? Actually am loving the wonder of watching stingy people. Oh boy they go to such venomous rage. Sorry I won’t often talk like this but today was a fine day. ? This country needs to record my opinion at the corner of someplace so that people know there were some such voices when things were getting doomed for a quarter century in India for the sake of poisonous thinking people’s ego.

    PPS: yeah it’s true that people in Mysore printing press were printing notes and were sure. Lekin if they know 500 is being printed they would knows it’s going out. Aur waise bhi how can one recover 10000 crore black money used for winning elections. Wrong move. Haan Cong spends that and so does BJP toh how? In fact it might have spent double as I see in my place they still regularly give chaddi uniform to all villagers very six months trying to resurrect RSS. My cousins got some chaddi and sticks. But we use it for cleaning floors. I wish chaddi is also withdrawn as it’s a waste of lot of money and not even fashionable to clean floors. Micro fibre cloths are better so wish they give that type of chaddis.

    So black money is not all about stashed notes. No corrupt guy does that. You just come after bechaara people like us. Intelligent.

  8. Hmm.. says:

    In fact scared to write comments about anything related to govt. Either bhakts trouble or we worry if something happens to us. Never lived like this in my own country. It’s terrible to see the venomous people. But sometimes the tolerance wears out and we dare to write comments. Alas.

  9. WhatNow? says:

    I always felt that even though the English speaking media gets more pay, it’s the local language newspapers who have their ears to the ground. This is one such example. It’s one of the reasons why opinion polls are so off during elections.

  10. Hmm.. says:

    Goodness! Spotted this comment on ndtv.. is it true such an article was published? On the article about rupee stumbling against dollar.. some idiots or BJP cell kids were trying to deviate by talking pappu nonsense but someone still wrote it..

    “A free advice to Bhakts. Please do some reality check from now onwards. Wait for few more days you’ll realize that you are cheated by this moron. Don’t take my word, but please check the Indian express article published on the 5.98 lac crores additional deposits made in Indian banks in September. Arun Jaitley has explained it as 7th pay commission hikes, but that’s just 35000 crores. Just wait and watch. The baap of all scams..”

  11. etios says:

    @Dee: Now an European citizen will lecture me about the reality of PAAP and Khujli, everyone in Delhi business, trading and even hospital community knows about the forced donation/extortion by Khujli for the Punjab elections, those hundreds of crores are worthless now which has resulted in Khujli behaving like a maniac in the last few days. The demonetisation move was so secret that even top leaders like JAI ITALY was kept out of loop. This is why even pappu G was saying that even Jai Italy didn’t know about the demonetisation move.

    Mudi’s surgical strike on black money has exposed almost every political party on a public platform and all the citizens can see the reality of a fraudster like Khujli posing as anti-corruption crusader while he joins hands with people like Lalva yadav and extorts and generates hundreds of crores of black money himself for Punjab elections.

    And your PAN card and donation story just proves my comment that Khujli can no longer depend on many ill-legal NGOs and donations which PAAP used to get from USA and Europe. Such donations were common two years back eventhough it is a anti-national and criminal move which violates the India’s FCRA laws. Good to see all the ill-legal NGOs and their handlers facing the law under the Mudi Government. Even Maunmohan singh deserves small credit for banning the NGOs which were receiving the money from USA via European Christian missionaries and then collecting people in trucks to throw stones at India’s Nuclear scientists but he was very soft on other ill-legal Foreign NGOs which are facing the law under Mudi Government.

  12. Sam says:

    If you read the Hindi article, it mentions clearly that government can take 500 and 1000 Rupess out of circulation

  13. Disruptor says:

    @kenden: Just to get your facts right:
    1) If the notes were printed 6 months ago, they would bear Rajan’s signature. Isn’t it? Urjit Patel was chaired as RBI gov on 6th Sept. So obviously printing started post that.

    2) Rajan was opposing the move for the longest. He knew the implications. He wasn’t a roadside economist. Urjit was a Mukesh Ambani puppy for the longest, and then joined RBI and in a short span, became the RBI gov. So needless to say who knew about this first?

    3) Gold buying was on the lowest in the last 6months. This is usually a slack season. And ask any jeweller, they hardly made any sales then. But still the rate shot up. It went up from 23k (April) to 29k (Nov). Conversion of the biggies was underway, that’s why!!

    4) Modi has done a blunder and he should just accept it. Intention was partially correct, execution wasn’t. To simplify it, the chaiwalla bought all the ingredients, gas etc to make the Chai but didn’t get the glasses. So thought let’s make people drink straight from the kettle.

    5) And now to cover up the blunder, BJP will come up with something even bigger ASAP. It’s always been their strategy to take media and people’s attention away from their mistakes. Dig the recent history, you’ll know the fact.

    6) Lastly, this so called surgical strike on black money will actually wipe out more Fake currency, and less of the Black money. Maybe amounting to less than 2% of what’s stashed in offshore accounts or with the Baba’s in our country.
    And that 2% will also consist of a little percentage of dusky wage workers, domestic helps, middle class and some of us. And none of these people have any ‘black money’.

    Oh yes, by now UNESCO must’ve declared this move by Modi as the best move by any PM ever!! ???

  14. Hmm.. says:

    @Disruptor hey I see you are right about Rajan signature. But I have heard Mysore note printing press was being involved since last six months. I guess be kept instructing that it would happen. Oh now your comment makes me feel Modi might have been chasing this supposed dream for a while but may be Rajan didn’t like it that much. Also given that new notes are smaller and need new ATM slots people were wondering why they can not be made to get old dimensions. But for that I heard before printing any notes govt has to deposit some security deposits in world Bank and get some formalities done etc etc.. so no such possibility to fix the size issue.. so looking at all this am clueless what was happening. But am sure Modi wanted a gimmick move and someone coaxed him to do this and the thought it’s Fantastic. May be he thought it disables other parties too. But looks like his stars were good only as long as he had few good people around. But am sure this is the beginning of the doom. Hope it’s only his doom and the country’s. I remember the crappy mail I received from some BJP cell or PM office itself when he assumed office asking all the young folks to give ideas to him. I deleted it. And unsubscribed from the mailer. I had a sanghi friend whose family runs RSS tea parties. They are so into giving ideas which are mostly Rajinikanth type stunts. So am sure it was an idea of such hot blooded dumbo and Modi was a fan since long.

  15. Hmm.. says:

    Cong is still a – pre social media era and pre Jayalalitha gimmick era – party. So they give only a sari worth 150- 300. But BJP gives a cooker worth 700 to 1300. For the zilla Panchayat elections. The spending for a constituency of about 18000 votes was estimated to be 45 lakh including liquor for Cong but if you got BJP tickets you have to spend upto a crore. In five years of office that can be recovered at 15% in each govt tender like road, irrigation utilities distribution etc. The income is said to be around 2-3 crore based on how aggressive you are over five years. And you can keep making pathetic roads. And guess what inside a zilla Panchayat session you all are equal. Everyone, all party members and president sit together. Distribute money collected at 15%. So imagine for ten members around 20-30 crore. If that’s the earning of a zilla Panchayat members.. think of an MLA. Then an MP and the all MLA and all MPs. Think of earnings in urban areas and industrial mega towns. So the point is this dumb urban folks don’t see this whole picture and keeping BSing. What BJP is doing is escalating costs of election and increasing corruption. Btw how I know. One of my uncles who was a sane person went to contest ZP elections but Cong asked if he has 45 lakhs and said that’s is actually fair deal… the so called normal.. how system works rate.. and BJP asked if he has 1 crore. In between others asked 5 lakh 10 lakh etc for even issuing B form.. he came back running. He assumed as he is well educated and moderately rich.. so for the sake of status he can throw few lakhs, win and do some good work. But after seeing what happens he came back running at high speed. He thought all those people who said hey why don’t you contest were actually telling so because he is capable. Sadly they said so because he could throw that kind of money if he wished to win. So my problem is I hate to see this India urban folks blah blah blah of desh bhakti and pappu talk without knowing they are screwing us villagers badly. They are killing our culture. I remember this guy who spent 30 lakhs lost and hides from people and is into all chit fund fraud to recover election money. So alas. The disconnect between urban and rural. I wish I could do something to them some day but with a corporate job, salary to afford brands if I care to buy and living happily in a cosmopolitan city seeing all things Bollywood everyday or only Modi Modi talk, I am neither rural nor urban anymore as a person though rural at heart. So I can understand everyone’s turmoil. I agree they have to focus on their problems BUT urban bhakts overpowering every sane voice, killing our India… Killing our integrity.. killing everything good that was built without political context.. like tolerance or freedom of speech.. we were never north Korea .. But rural people think these urban social media ranting folks are so far educated that they are only making wonderful decisions for entire India and politely following. Alas.

  16. kenden says:

    thanks for pointing it out. i stand corrected.

    for urjit patel you need to read more about his credentials. he did worked in reliance but also was in various position in UPA.

    Raghuram rajan did his own blunders. well thats a different story.

    demonetization is a brilliant move IMHO. you can call me a bhakht 😉 but facts remain

    execution! well everybody is questioning.

    but you have to give in to this plan. 125 cr ppl with 86% currency deemed invalid. people have been pretty calm yet. despite many attempts of ppl like mamta and kejri inciting junta

    MSM working overtime to paint it as blunder. check what ravish kunar of ndtv did.

    also 2nd populous country and keeping it so secret with so many jaichands and old dynasty chamchas in govt.

    I suppose its a brilliant move. it didnt happened over night. right from asking ppl to open accounts.

    well for effect !

    we need to ait and watch

    the fact that modi didnt cared two hoots about his vote bank (business men most affected after politician) proves this man is up for country only

  17. Hmm.. says:

    Oh I meant its only Modi’s doom NOT India’s.. Sorry about typos in my comments.. And thanks for publishing. I was a bit tired of self fulfilling prophecy of people who are bhakts. People around me are innocent to an extent that they told that Modi is going to attack gold next and he would take anyone’s gold who has more than 100 gms. Okay this woman did not know that’s nothing but communism. And this woman had stood in queue for six hours one day. Then her son skipped college to stand in queue. Their innocence despite this inconvenience and SUPPOSED HAPPINESS TO COME TO THEIR HOMES WHEN MODI TAKES ALL GOLD AND BRINGS EQUALITY ON PLANET EARTH bothers to core where the EFF are we. Why the EFF we manage the lives of this innocent people by exploiting the gap in understanding abilities. Why the EFF a ranting social media nut case is actually taking decisions for these guys? Isn’t it survival of the fittest in this case, survival of ideology proposed by dumb venomous losers who really had no real plan but just craze of getting power and spreading ideology. Don’t piggyback the power hunger, wish for own cultural domination on corruption loophole and get power to give effing ideology to us. It hurts immensely that effing this much only we can do for ur poor. WHY THE EFF GOVT IS EXPLOITING MISUNDERSTOOD INNOCENCE OF PEOPLE? But alas. Let this Dumbo’s go to hell. Suffer for they let their brains shut up. Of course they are illiterate, limited by circumstances and should be forgiven for their lack of wisdom but those losers who easily grabbed this opportunity to nourish their venomous stingy sanghi side can not be. Its not Modi. It’s the in-built ugliness of humans that has taken over. Can we fight this? No. Not necessary. Time corrects it. Who cares if my cook thought so and lived with grand dreams and died. That’s planet earth. So enjoy. Travel, wear bands, have fantastic food, explore new cultures blah blah and die.

  18. Hmm.. says:

    Someone above says Modi has such courage he didn’t even look at the vote bank. In the morning I thought aah bhakts and went to work. Then suddenly all regional channels and one Hindi channel started showing real farmer queues and their agony. Add to that my brother went to the petrol pumps in my native to fill petrol and in exchange of a new note he was forced to take old notes for time being or get out. As oh effing this village and small towns don’t have cards you know. And after listening this my Dad told he had gotten some money.. like a lot of it.. like half suit case full because he was joking to make my day saying he was surprised to see a villager give ten and twenty rupee notes bundles and it looks as if we humble folks, farmers have lots of money at home. These days every body is desperate to return the loans and he had given loans of two lakhs for someone’s crop, generally they return sort of interest free when they get crops and can sell off when they are close friends.. and the person somehow thought why all this trouble so he returned way too many old notes plus not to look like he is trying to put the burden of exchange on Dad he gave oh my goodness so many ten and twenty rupees bundles. So some friendships have gone a nano bit sour.. though we would not mind.. but what shaken me is, on ndtv a farmer came to talk of his problems and people started shaming him telling he looks drunk, he is cunning as at some point he mildly smiled. Seriously? Eff off.. this IS how they live. They smile. They talk directly if they are angry. Come what the eff may there would be a smile on their face of courtesy while talking to someone.. But losers had the habitual audacity to comment like that.. probably nobody even cares that he was not only body shamed, appearance shamed, even personality shamed and his citizenship of India itself shamed. Oh it pains if I talk like this. Don’t you recognize you everyday talk shoot honey? Give us a break. Even if they say it on his face that guy wouldn’t even under the venom behind it laugh and forget.

    The whole self fulfilling prophecy of people that Modi didn’t care for vote bank.. let me do some induction on it and deduce how effing true is that and the facts behind..

    1. Modi didn’t care about vote bank
    => He thought everything is going to be fine as he had no idea of physical dispense time required or amount of money required and it’s impact on local shops to stock market
    – so he is a moron and unfit for the top job. Period.
    => He had an idea and as you mentioned he didn’t care
    – oh so he is a Hitler laughing at us and wielding his power? Do you mean that? Or a psychopath who thought it’s fun let’s please my five percent bhakts who have access to online and ranting like eff and working wonders for me, for whom the BSing habit has become a physical sickness like how alcohol takes control and makes you yearn, a physical symptom which no more brain can control? Good definitely he must be. As it keeps others shut up in confusion or disgust. Thanks. If you say so.
    => He had no idea and you had no idea but you are burning to fight your two cents of ego and you think you can talk on behalf of every one of us in India.. another habitual BS like alcoholism.. so you come up with BS statements which Modi himself didn’t know and wouldn’t have dared to do this if he knew.
    – Good back to the times when there was Kams and his supporters. Thanks. Have your friggin fun with a full bottle. Ignorance killing us is no effing patriotism but another form of terrorism on the mother land itself. Have no doubts about that. Your mother land is only your people and their integrity. Every other land all over the world which doesn’t believe so is messed up land and go check yourself.

    This whole effing thing reminds me of Rakhta beejasur.. a rakshas who had a blessing that if anyone fights him and he sheds a drop of blood another beejasur would be born and like that many of his images would rise if anyone fought him more.. it’s been like that for a while with social media’s – “politics, economics, philosophy, all kind of natural and other BS science, ballistics, galactic science and most importantly digital effscience all rolled in one – PhD” holders.. they together with Modi enacting nothing but beejasur… but even that beejasur was killed.. that’s the essence of our real culture that it documents such an event via a story so that today I can relate to.. so thanks to the bhakts for their BS patriotism and I am sure they are milking its name and they are the real demons of hell. Because oh boy. Do they even have basic human courtesy of listening to others as we are really humans talking here.

    So the point is Kuch bhi chalega. Main Kuch bhi bolonga. Mere pass Modi hain. Modi ke pass maa hain.

    Arrey woh kisan log kitne Gandhe hote hain. Aur criminal bhi lagte hain. Can’t they effing stand in queue. arrey what if this crop season goes by the time they could buy and sow seeds.. next one comes. Kaminey log. Can’t they say jai jai Modi. Mera ego kyun hurt karte hain. Main Modi ko support kar baita/baiti Hoon. Peeche nahi has sakta ya sakthi. Shoot. So goes some people’s thoughts if I make statements and assumptions about others and start making BS decisions on behalf them and start giving a gift of my precious precious mind like theirs.. only difference is theirs seems to be made of platinum *metal*.

    Ohhhhhh Pleeeease..dont mind.

    After hell lot of BS of abuse online deviating everything that’s not in favor of Modi I feel if I don’t talk like this atleast once in my life time I won’t qualify to be a quarter Indian patriot even if am human. To be full Indian is to show blatant ego, ignorance, dumbness and stick to our shoot and die. Make others life shoot for centuries. Thanks. Thanks for coming back dear oldtime Indias demons who might have ruined India whenever she woke up from shoot they previously created. Thanks.

  19. Dee says:

    @ Etios: hey buddy calm down! I just shared my true experience from the time of 2014 national elections. AAP refused to take my donation (i didn’t know u cant donate if u r not an indian passport holder). The lady’s name was Preeti Sharma and she was/is honest. And as far as European national toh kya yaar hoon toh Indian hee in my heart and just wish to see a fair, corruption-free and equal India. Btw: what about BJP’s Reddy’s $$$$ wedding eh? All white money right?! ?

  20. Hmm.. says:

    On a lighter note..

    Second populous country and keeping it a secret from even the Finance Minister.. wah wah Modi kamal hain bhai..

    I like to know when Jaitley and woh RBI governor go to sleep every day night what happens in their brains.. after giving all the media bites as per the liking of someone else. They both look so much constipated and words have to push themselves from the bottom of their stomach to come out.

    So ab thoda mood theek ho raha hain after many doses of coffee.. thanks Modi.. heard in my native place people are sharing veggies and stuff and also work together.. like sharing tractors if someone could refill the diesel paying money for the day. Thanks bhai! And also they are TALKING and COMING HOME leaving the serials behind or switching off TV! It used to happen only on weddings or deaths where others cooked to help/treat the ones who is either busy or mourning and villages were connected by pure vibrant human emotions. We are not sanskritized supposed citizen of India born overnight. We are the un-idealized people who grow and die on this land like the plants grow and die, everyday welcoming human experience without BS frameworks that ask us to fake our way of living. I thought it would die but thanks to Modi I realize human community sense seems to come back whenever there is distress. Am happy yeh note ban ke vajah se hum phir see vaapas jaa rahe hain. Jai Modi. Also today I read in 2012 MMS Govt also has proposed this idea but RBI rejected it. What a bad luck of MMS. Otherwise our country would have landed us on Moon or Mars or who knows in another galaxy itself by now and colonized and he would have gotten kkkkkkCREDIT for it Shah Rukh style.

  21. Hmm.. says:

    On another lighter I was happy to see Anand Sharma talk in parliament saying chaati waati peeth ke something something he said when Modi’s visuals were played in another frame in parallel to show something he was referring. By that I figure chaati waati peeth ke means beating on one’s chest. It was so amusing that humor is not yet dead in this country. My comments should be published as they have increased the stingy quotient of content only by 3% from 0 to 3, where as every day people do pappu talk and it’s 99% BS and nobody cares! Give me equality.

  22. Sri says:

    @Jack thought this will interest you


    Who allowed the biggest hawala operator to flee the country?
    17 November 2016, New Delhi, Team MP

    ED Director has written a letter to the present CBI Director, Anil Sinha, to register a regular case under the Prevention of Corruption Act against the two former CBI Directors A P Singh and Ranjit Sinha.

    One of the biggest hawala operators of India, Moin Qureshi, against whom the Income Tax Department, under the new black money act, had filed a Rs 900 crore tax evasion case, quietly fled the country a few weeks back.

    On October 15, 2016, immigration officers at the Delhi Airport detained him after his name appeared on the “look out” circular of the Enforcement Directorate. But curiously, Qureshi fished out some unrelated court case order to the immigration officials. The mystery deepened when it was revealed that he was allowed to flee the country before the arrival of the Enforcement Directorate officials. An inquiry was ordered but no action has been taken till date.

    It is rather baffling how one of the country’s biggest hawala operators was allowed to leave the country 23 days before the demonetisation announcement was made by the Prime Minister. Since the clearance came from the topmost level, nobody is willing to comment on the matter.

    When the entire country is sweating it out in long queues, Moin Qureshi is leading a lavish life in the tallest tower of Dubai and sending his linen to London’s Madame Paulette for dry cleaning. Millennium Post was the first to break the story of how this hawala operator was functioning in direct connivance with former CBI Director, AP Singh and how this patronage continued till the tenure of another CBI Director, Ranjit Sinha.

    On the basis of the investigation in this case, in a major development, the Director of the Enforcement Directorate has written a letter to the present CBI Director, Anil Sinha, to register a regular case under the ‘Prevention of Corruption Act’ against the two former CBI Directors. Upon this request, CBI has registered a preliminary inquiry against two of its former bosses.

    MQ is living a charmed life like liquor baron Vijay Mallya, who happily left the country even when the enforcement agencies were hot on his heels. The larger question is from what level does such sensitive clearance come? The IT department, in its charge sheet, alleged that nearly Rs 900 crore is lying in Qureshi’s different foreign bank accounts that were not disclosed to Indian authorities.

    Qureshi’s daughter got famous for wearing a wedding gown designed by John Galliano worth Rs 70 lakh and Qureshi himself has a bungalow, in Delhi, made by the famous French interior decorator, Jean Louise Deniot. Incidently the former CBI Director, AP Singh’s daughter, Ragini Brar, was an intern with this French interior decoration firm.

    Most of the hawala dealer’s family members are directly/ indirectly involved in his dubious business ventures, according to I-T investigations.

    MQ’s wife Nasreen is the daughter of Mehboob Ali Khan a Pakistani citizen. Nasreen has four siblings- three brothers and a sister. One of her brother’s stays in Lahore, and the other, a front of MQ in his hawala operations, lives in Islamabad and also operates out of Dubai, Hong Kong and London.

    MQ’s daughter Pernia Qureshi is Pakistan-born-American citizen. His other daughter Sylvia Moin is a US citizen.

    I-T investigations have revealed that MQ operates his elaborate hawala network through Delhi based dealers like Mohd. Parwez of Turkman Gate and Damini Exchange, M Block Market, G.K I. His key aide, Aditya Sharma, is a resident of Arrah district in Bihar. His other trusted lieutenant is Dinesh Gupta, his accountant and LK Yadav.

    MQ also holds a residence permit of Dubai. His company in Dubai, is Earthstone Management Consultants. His main point man in Dubai is Nabil Khan.

    Recently, Nabil Khan made payments on behalf of MQ for acquiring a property in Burj Vista, Downtown Dubai, the most luxurious residential tower in Dubai and handles his money laundering and slush funds in Dubai.

    MQ holds bank accounts in Emirates Bank, Dubai and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Dubai.

    Himanshu Mehta, a resident of 92, Princess Tower (world’s tallest residential building, 100 floors), Marina, Dubai is another front of MQ in Dubai.

    His money laundering in Hong Kong is looked after by Yuan Ji Yue aka Lucky Yuan (R/O Flat No.1; 31 F, Indie Home, Yueng UK Road, Tsuen Wan NT, Hong Kong). Lucky Yuan entered into a sham agreement with architect Jean Louise Deniot to camouflage MQ’s payments to him for his Rs 200 crore ‘Palace’ – Manopsy Manor, 4. Oak Drive, DLF Chattarpur.

    The property is owned by Impress Estate Pvt Ltd, all shares of which are held by MQ and Nasreen. As per the MoU inked between Deniot and Lucky Chan, the Deniot would build an architectural masterpiece on MQ’s farm to promote and advertise the former’s architectural business in India. The project would be funded by Lucky Chan, and any business emerging out of the project would be shared in the ratio of 70:30 , between Deniot and Lucky. Incidentally, Ragini Brar, daughter of CBI Director, AP Singh, was an intern in the firm of Jean Louise Deniot.

    MQ has two foreign bank accounts held by him in the names of Bulova Holdings Ltd and BarroHolding Ltd. His huge deposits in Barro. Bulova and Barro were used to purchase and furnish flats in London, Flat No. 4 , Chesterfield House, South Audley Street, Mayfair, London and Flat No. 6 Fitzhardinge House , 12-14 Portman Square, London, purchased in the name of his brother-in-law, Sohaib Ali Khan/ Yusuf Ali Khan, who lives in Pakistan and is a Pakistani citizen.

    The late Ponty Chadha was a close associate and partner of MQ.

    In New York, MQ stays in super luxury, The Mark Hotel, Madison Avenue, 25, East 77 Street. He also owns plush properties at 52, Fox Hedge Saddle River in New Jersey, US, and Marina 4 in New York.

    MQ also has a property, 8033, Newport Avenue, Omaha, US, in the name of Navin Yadav, son of his trusted employee, LK Yadav, who is also a Director in many of MQ’s companies.

    MQ operates in South Africa, through his company – GFT IMPEX and also has business ventures in Botswana and Ethiopia.

    The hawala dealer also trades in foreign exchange in brazen violation of FEMA and RBI rules.

    MQ loves to flaunt his enormous wealth. He paid Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Rs 24.65 lakh to perform at the sangeet of his daughter Pernia Qureshi. Later, Khan was detained at the IGI Airport by DRI and released at the intervention of a powerful UPA minister. MQ has bought a fort in the name of Maxima Packaging Pvt Ltd/ Evershine Hospitality Pvt Ltd.

    MQ makes sure his powerful benefactors are happy. He distributed 50 Rolex watches on Diwali to officers/politicians

  23. ndt says:

    Mr Hmmmm…Why dont your start your own blog instead of putting 70000 words comments…easy for you…

  24. Hmm.. says:

    Hey NDT 🙂 I dont want to get killed by bhakts in fake encounter.. please make the country better and I will write in my own name my own blog hey upholder and decider of everybody’s rights, manners that this etc.. hurry up.. why does it bother anyway? Ask this question and you might be able to track down the thought behind and see from where and why it comes.. mindfulness is..

  25. Colossial says:

    @Sri Has Moin Quershi has invested in his daughter’s business Pernia Popup Shop to make the money white? Is this information available?

  26. Hmm.. says:

    @NDT I meant “mindfulness that is..’

    Then to all of us.. congratulations.. sense wiped out all years gain today and some lost money.. wow what an equality no country wants.. farmers lost out on a week sowing seeds.. may lose out a crop given the situation.. and sensex wiping out almost an years gain.. who else is not hit?

    Fashion industry.. may be as Modi jackets are in trend ??..

    To deviate from all this depressive news let me write about Modi fashion to make me worthy of being here, slightly atleast.

    Yday logged into Myntra for buying something.. they have a new feature called what’s now or something.. what a creepy feature which lists latest searches.. from across India.. hope nobody is searching for khakhi chaddis.. and it gets listed as Khakhi chaddi searched by 1000.. also listing things sold at cities.. i feel it’s a bit awkward..

    BUT BUT lo and behold.. the top trend was some Modi jacket very stylishly presented.. I wonder if people are really buying it.. ? didn’t bother to check whose design was it.. but dear fashion scandal if you could ans have access to please tell creepy Myntra to stop listing live searches.. it would be great.. I would give that feedback wish they consider..

    I don’t care if Modi jackets are sold but I am not liking Indian apps being insensitive in design.. it’s being somewhat utterly creepy.. their other feature of how many people are in a online store at the moment is okay.. looking forward to see if anytime any app in India would spike to 10-25 crore shoppers at a time and if they can handle, and how the top brand are selling and if the second tier cities are getting involved etc events in the future coming to digital blah in fashion..

    so many desperate start ups in fashion and retail segment.. and hopefully India sees some great products and gets out of body shop image in software industry ? that’s the only reason some of us these days following fashion ?

    And I would wonder coming to fashion “content” generation if pinkvilla and miss malini spice up their games and try to get some funding and get acquired by any sort of fools like huffpost or else why they are creating more content including fashion and make up moving away from gossip arena.. so that’s what some of us do by watching what you guys do.. I guess PV can get evaluated at 100 crore as you can fool one of these actors to buy it and Tom Tom for him or herself looking at the way they fight for space over there on a lighter note.. and I also noticed the sudden anger of PV folks at RK and their rage a while ago.. writing this much, as I bored you all writing about no fashion or gossip at all.. my interest is in knowing how the PR and monetization of such sites and their connection with agency works.. as it’s boring to just see gossip let’s see if we could analyze data and make it useful ?

    So how PV became so important I wonder.. I guess an ex Microsoft employee runs such a start-up since much before India became a start up hub from US.. but wow she really managed to establish it such that those actors really fight with each other to get featured on it which then strategically gets plugged in to mainstream media.. and I think that way she made it valuable whereas other sites are truly into some gossip and true user interaction of some chitchat type.. like India forums.. would like to know how many employees PV has and how much is user generated content and who are the users who can post and what’s the way posts get featured.. I mean is there a special channel for PR folks?.. and what’s its real evaluation.. not able to find anything on crunchbase about them.. but I see it is so so so important for bolly actors.. coming to MM she managed to get all these heroines blabber whatever she likes but goodness is there anything other than click bite over there .. those heroines endorsing her are stupid.. but she actually doesn’t bother about comments and do not moderate unlike PV I guess.. Pleeeease enough of- you would be stunned(I am tires of being stunned), slaying in this or that content guys.. establish some real fashion and gossip so that people don’t call us losers copying content that west designs for 16 year olds.. don’t copy 20 year old hairstyle and compete with each other on PV and MM.. come on..

    With regards & Stunned forever from click bait and now demonetization,


  27. Hmm.. says:

    Btw I don’t write this much or write that much ever in my life.. mostly of lurking and scanning type..and hardly had a couple of comments published on PV I guess.. lekin this country has reached such state even people like me are talking.. I worry so much for the abuse people throw at any secular opinion and that can be so shocking if you experience.. but I also guess that shocks we get and in order to keep us dignified the way we avoid confrontation may some day in the end also make express all at once.. I am also STUNNED to see me ranting here. Haha however this site has no like or dislike for each opinion and that’s what probably makes me write. May be not this much ever again. But I just wanted to point it out. I remember the days when FB BSed (am software engineer since ten years and in initial fb days I remember experimenting with Orkut/ fb feeds) we are not giving dislike button as we are only for love. I felt that’s overtly silly type. Then I saw the way atheists vs theist, narcissists vs others all fight terribly with each other and based on number of likes beat anything whether good or bad and give depression. ? And I wondered isn’t FB claiming BS when there are many ways hate is propagated on it! Then came the India elections before three years itself BJP came up with Sukhanya story and I was not even fan of RG. I was furious that such hoax is gaining mass sympathy catching them with awe. Then came the World Bank getting loan from Guj Govt hoax. I was furious and fought with the guy who was propagating that asking for proof he escaped there seemed to be hundreds. I was stunned at what sympathies or admiration their stories got. I have just been stunned all my professional life in this crazy country. Thankfully now when Hillary lost they, in a strong way pointed to fake news and FB had admit it. it’s BS they say only 1% fake as if every user content is newa. Yes we are powerless. We Indians can’t point out and fight. US has to show us way. Forget about it we have people who cannot be changed. So I know finally FB is held responsible for not bothering about content. Their reporting system deliberately limited as they don’t want to invest for human review. So after free basics I don’t even bother to log in to those sites. Am glad my grand children would over come this eras innocence about what’s happening with them. So the point is lol am here possibly because oh yeah am stunned as I don’t need to face the fear of number of likes and dislikes killing the honesty of what anyone says. Just saying as India needs to analyze so much yet. And then good luck guys. Not going to write this much as I love observing ?? kaun lad sakta hain yaar woh logon se.. you can’t sleep if you are a simple soul..

  28. Sasha says:

    now what do people think of the note ban? Tired yet? 50 days of chaos are over.

    Every closet hypocrite Indian I know praises the demonetization move in public as good for the country in the “long run” and cribs about it in private (or has worked on an “adjustment” of their own jeopardized assets.)

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