TRUMP ‘Beheaded’ By Marilyn Manson

marilyn-mansonWhatever Marilyn Manson does is usually controversial so I am not shocked by the teaser of his forthcoming video – ‘Say 10’ released hours before the outcome of US Presidential Election. In the video Manson is seen sitting in a dark room holding the bible before a knife flicks and the clip cuts to some shots of a decapitated Donald Trump. Or at least, an orange-skinned, red tie-wearing guy who looks like he could be Trump.

Manson is not a fan of Hillary Clinton either. He is sitting out this election and said that he is refusing to vote as he doesn’t see any good choice between “cat shit and dog shit”. 

manson-beheads-trump_say10The clip, directed by Tyler Shields, is complimented with Manson’s eerie delivery of “cash is the poor man’s money”. In the chorus Manson shouts, “you say god and I say SAY10”. The clip finishes with Manson standing before Trump’s corpse holding a head of blonde hair. Here have a look at the video:

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  1. SG says:

    Sad, upset & disappointed that America voted for a sexist, racist, homophobic, islamophobic & xenophobic guy.

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