“Duke & Duchess Posed with ‘Art Theft Faker'”, said Daily Mail, UK

The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton’s India visit was extensively covered by the media in United Kingdom. But the English media reported facts and called ‘spade a spade’ unlike our Desi tabloid media. Of course their are exceptions in India like fashionscandal.com that published the presence of the […]


FENDI India Is In The News For All The Wrong Reasons (Update)

FENDI is one of those luxury labels that opened shop in India when the first batch of  luxury labels made its foray in the country. The Italian luxury high-fashion label known for extravagant furs and leather accessories was acquired by the luxury conglomerate – LVMH in 2001 and had the czar of fashion – Karl […]


Shameless Gatecrasher

The infamous gatecrasher – Anil Mishra – who managed to breach Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security at Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ swearing in ceremony is arrested and sent to jail till November 11. Mishra is a racketeer, a small time wannabe fixer, impersonator and a compulsive gatecrasher. I bumped into this fraud at India Fashion […]


Subrata Roy Will Runaway To Macedonia Once Out on Bail

Are people at high-places too naive? Supreme Court is willing to give ‘Sahara Shri’ bail if he deposits Rs. 10,000 Crore. But is it prudent to let go off a man who defrauded 2.5Crore poor people of their life’s saving’s through his chit-fund scheme? Don’t the well-read judges know that Subrata Roy has literally bought off […]

Liz Taylor was a friend of godman Chandraswami & so is Preity Zinta

Elizabeth Taylor, the Hollywood icon who recently passed away had a strong India-Connection. Liz was an ardent follower of the disgraced godman, Chandraswami. She met Chandraswami in one of his numerous trips to the US when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Those were the hay-days of Chandraswami and he had powerful friends across the […]