Bernie Dumps Indian Grand-Prix from F-1 2014 Calendar

Bernie EcclestoneBernie Ecclestone screwed Jaypee Group, the organisors of Formula-1 at Buddh Circuit in India by taking out India from Formula – 1 2014 Calendar. The reason accorded by Ecclestone is that he wants to reshuffle the dates from October to March. Why would Bernie do that? October is definitely abetter time to host Grand-Prix in India than in March. The weather is nice, the festive season takes off around October and people are in celebratory mode. March is hot in Delhi and definitely not the best time weatherwise in north India.

F-1 Budh CircuitThe change of schedule has led to exclusion of Formula One in India in 2014. Will it happen this year – in 2013? Well there are no clear cut answers to that too.

Bernie Ecclestone who has recently been accused in a scam is playing the game of reshuffling the Formula-1 Calendar to accommodate Moscow in Formula-1 Circuit. It is absolutely unfair on Ecclestone to dump India from Grand-prix in 2014. India being a nascent circuit did not deserve it. More so when India was judges as the ‘Best Circuit’ in Formula One Grand Prix.

Jaypee Sports is definitely not happy with Bernie Ecclestone’s decision but then Ecclestone who runs F-1 as his personal fiefdom can’t be reasoned. Probably Moscow has paid Bernie to tweak the calendar and that makes me believe that the scam he is embroiled in is true.

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  1. Anthead says:

    Do you think Jaypee’s wobbly financial situation has something to do with it? They are hopelessly debt ridden and are having a hard time monetizing their assets.

    By the way, have you been following the HDIl collapse? Apparently the Wadhawan brothers defaulted on a 3.5 crore interest payment to India Bulls! I mean, Anu Dewan’s Birkin collection is probably worth more than that! Ha – how the mighty fall.

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