Real Zohal Hamid Who Accused IPL Player of Molestation

Indian Premier League (IPL) 2012 had its fair share of controversies but the biggest one was that of an Afghani-American woman-Zohal Hamid accusing Royal Challenger player  Luke Pomersbach of molesting her in front of her fiance – Sahil Peerzada at the Maurya Sheraton hotel. Siddharth Mallya mocked the lady’s claim on Tweeter. Eventually Zohal dropped the case.

I had posted on 29th May 2012 about Zohal Hamid, her relationship with Sahil Peerzada and hinted at ‘all that happens at the IPL after-parties’. You can read the post here to refresh your memories – ZOHAL HAMID Digs Gold Rather Than Design Gold Jewelery

Last year too I posted that the whole story that Zohal Hamid blurted out to Delhi Police and the Media was ‘bull-crap’. In no uncertain terms I had written that Luke Pomersbach followed Zohal and Sahil into their room (which was surprisingly booked under Deccan Challengers) to ‘Powder their Nose’. What followed after – the brawl – was something that is called ‘coke rage’. Now I can substantiate my claims with these photographs that narrate the real story!

7 Replies to “Real Zohal Hamid Who Accused IPL Player of Molestation”

  1. mike1 says:


  2. GB says:

    Now this is what I call a scandal! WOW!
    Keep it up Jack!

    PS: She is a pretty lady though.

  3. Nikki Frederick says:

    If trying to kiss her was so bad then I guess I should be livid she slept in my bed with my ex while I was pregnant with his child . A kiss ? This woman is a complete joke not to mention her troublesome history of records … Just my opinion ! I feel sorry Luke had to be made an example of so she could feel wanted in the public eye. Her ass alone barely fits in the camera ! 

  4. ash says:

    Oh gosh, how stupid do you have to be to let someone take not one but so many pictures of you snorting!??! That’s crazy!

  5. D says:

    Frederick above has a record for drugs and prostitution in Kentucky. Probably shouldn’t be talking trash.

  6. Sandra says:

    Nikki you’re a prostitute yourself, you shouldn’t write lie about this girl who had her man next to her. Not a hoe like you sleeping around with every single man every night! Zoe is very friendly!!!

  7. Nikki Frederick says:

    Well I admit that i lied about Zohal cause of Luke and I got upset that he had to go through all this and wrote lies about Zohal. I have never met her in my life. I don’t know her.

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