Is Sunny Leone Promoting An Illicit Business?

I'M Besharam_Sunny Leone_Sex ToysPornstar cum Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone is the FACE of India’s first Adult product business – I‘M Besharam. The Online ‘Adult Lifestyle Webstore’ is owned by Salim Rajan and Raj Armani, both first generation Indian Americans. The head office is based in Tampa, FL with its warehouse in Atlanta, GA and satellite offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad & California and a recently established office in Mumbai to cater to wholesale & distribution enquiries. Is the business of selling SEX TOYS legal in India? The founders claim so but when I checked with host of lawyers, the answer was a NO.

G_Spot Stimulatorb-swish-massager-bcute-pearl-bswish-A00103-p-4_1024x1024I’M Besharam are cleverly playing with words – ‘Adult Lifestyle Store’ and not highlighting the fact that they are selling sex-toys for men and women, both. I found out that flavored lingerie, flavored condoms, vibrating rings are permissible to be sold in India but the hardcore sex-toys like dildos, vibrators, pocket vaginas, G-Spot stimulators and sex dolls are illegal in India. Retailers in Palika Bazar in Delhi discreetly sold this banned items and now are very upset about the fact that banned products are openly sold ONLINE by I’M Besharam.

Sunny Leone_besharamLeone_pornstar_I'M BesharamThe products like Dildos and Vibrators are available on ‘Cash on Delivery’ at your doorstep, which can be paid for in INR. When the company launched the Webstore, India’s multiple Pink-Papers featured it and even made prophecies that it is a Rupees Thousand Crore Industry but did not bother to check if the business is LEGAL.

Sunny Leone you are Besharam if you did not bother to check if a business you promoting is legal in the country you working!


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