Now DNA does it – Lifts my Story

VK, a loyal reader of informed me this:

Submitted on 2011/05/21 at 6:04pmDNA, Mumbai copied your news today! They haven’t named him and her, but have published it as a quiz!

VK is referring to my previous posting on the 20th of May 2011: New Guy in Priya Chatwal’s life – Bobby Deol

Thanks VK that you brought this to my notice. It’s readers like you whom I salute, Cheers dude!

The Big Media Houses are Theives! Shameless are these plagiarism plagued publications.

I unfortunately do not have the legal resources to drag the Goels to court but then they never had any ethics in business.

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  1. Your stories are exclusive. Get a copyright lawyer and then you can take legal action next time.

  2. I don’t think Goels run the day to day affairs of DNA, presumably they have bigger fish to fry. However, everybody knows that sensationalism sells and the lax law and order in India allow for rampant plagiarism. One of the Amar Singh tapes revealed that DNA is really the mouthpiece of Subhash Chandra to expose shady business deals or probably for whenever he has been side stepped by politicans and outbid by competitors for contracts. DNA is his perfect threat tool, although he hasn’t really gone to the extent of blowing the lid of the murky side of doing big business in India.

    You might be knowing already that big corporates either own or have stake in news publication to hide stories that may surface about their unthecial business practices and shady deals. Like Anil Ambani, who has indirect stake in The Times Group, two days back the Times of India took to embarrassing Mukesh in a preposterous front page story. Vijay Mallya is also known to hold some stake in certain media groups, nobody gets to hear about him taking money from ‘the market’ and not paying back. What one mostly gets to see, is him ‘living it up’ each time.

    Thieves are using publications to cover up their asses. Thieves being thieves will always steal and plagiarise.

  3. jyoie says:

    Hi J,

    A friend of my husband’s came to Delhi from Mumbai and stayed at our place. He was carrying Mumbai Mid-day again had the same story but again without names…it was called a shot in the dark. I can check the date for u.

  4. jack says:


  5. mentos says:

    DNA tumhe kire parenge….chor kahin k…

  6. kirti says:

    Seriously, I see so many of your stories in national newspapers without giving you any credit. Sue them or at least scare them.

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