Shame – Shame!

Gucci _SS2013Thanks to highheelconfidential we discovered the blatant plagiarism by Mumbai based designer Surily Goel. Even a blind man can say that the honeycomb neckline dress that Surily Goel showcased as her Fall/Winter 2013 collection at WIFW was a shameless imitation of Gucci’s spring/summer 2013 style. The images bare it all.

Surily Goel_AW2013surily_gucci_imitationIn fact Surily has a penchant for copying Gucci. I discovered yet another copying act from Gucci’s 2009 collection.

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  1. sanchit says:

    i don”t knoe y ppl keep tryng for making western clothes wen dey can”t do it n in da end dey copy it””y dey cn”t stick to ethinic wear

  2. FK says:

    And if your going to copy then copy properly. What a bad copy this is!
    It’s even worse than plagiarism!
    As it is she is so bad looking, so how can you expect her clothes to be any better?
    I had the mis-fortune of interacting with her one at FW bombay, she is so snooty, and thinks no end of herself.
    High time she starts looking for a decent husband especially after that gold-digger left her. Dunno what he saw in her in the first place.

  3. Shyam Narain says:

    Well J its not funny how many Indian Designers do this and that to they do not even know its on fashion week run way, The most important reason why it happens is , the junior designers who actually do all the design process and exploited are the one s doing the hard work some times in the race of impressing their bosses they flip through the international runways and start copying, but in this Digital age world is actually a small place ……………….. well am seeing this for years now. guys get life and if you don have it choose some other carrier. some famous horrible designer and why they are famous because they have bollywood beauties to ware them hence it makes them a great designer . Nandita Mathani, Rocky S , Vikram Phadnis oh Manoviraj Khosla Vijay arora (OMG) list is too big …

  4. God_ShaReeF says:

    Ye to K-Jo aur Natasha Naanda ki badi khaas hai
    Ma a$$ is flaming
    SuriLee SuriLee!!!

  5. Who Cares? says:

    Wasn’t Surily’s sister in the news sometime back for throwing herself at Ranbir Kapoor and basically begging him to give it to her? Somewhere in Dubai if I’m not mistaken?

  6. Laveena says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Shyam Narain, where these established designers (with shoddy skills though) rely on junior designers for sketches and ideas. They have their pick of so many youngsters, fresh graduates or those without experience who are so eager to work for a small stipend or without getting payed, because as you know in India, every fourth person is a fashion designer.

    A skilled and very creative newbie who values his or her work would not work for free like that, and would not work for such designers, because even they can discern the good from the bad. So while these names hire junior designers, they can’t even hire right! Their runway collections are a testament to that fact.

    Sad but true, to get ahead in your design career, even if your work stinks, you do so with the backing of your celebrity friends and star struck investors.

  7. shyam Narain says:

    very well said Laveena ! yes celebrity backing and star stuck investors .wanna be s in this country are endless. fashion here is only fun or Entertain-mental gossip !
    Designers should be punished by getting banned in fashion weeks for few seasons like what ICC does for cricket if you do not behave on an international Arena .
    FDCI is very weak. its just a puppet of 5 old house designers and how …………………..

  8. rnit says:

    well fdci is an extremly weak body managed and controlled by few so called A LIST designers and only job they do is to add new designers every year–and minting money–fdci—advertise themselves as non profit organisation ??? – guess if income tax, ed, service tax deptt make a raid in fdci and even few A list designers they can unearth huge amount of unaccounted money !

  9. titbit says:

    @FK : wud be intriguing to knw
    Who was this gold digger and why did he leave her?
    Like talent n luck n looks n grAce is she out of gold too?

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