Magic Of ‘Touch-Up’…Ooh-La-La

Katrina-Kaif-untouched1katrina7_vogue copyKatrina Kaif, the cover girl for Vogue, India’s June 2016 issue has definitely pushed the sales of the glossy. On the world-of-web too, Katrina Kaif as the beach-babe is most-viewed. She definitely looks sexy and well-toned. But do we give the credit to the photographer, Luis Monterio and the uber stylist come Vogue-India’s Fashion Director, Anaita Shroff Adjania for the series of scintillating pictures???

katrina5_voguekatrina4_vogueSomebody clicked a picture of Katrina Kaif paddling in the blue waters at the Filipino beach, getting ready for the shot. This candid picture is not-so-flattering, even when we factor in that it is shot by some amateur, using possibly a mobile phone. The final shoot that is published in Vogue show Katrina Kaif more tanned, her facial features more defined and her arms a wee bit slender.


katrina2_voguekatrina1_vogueAnyway the Katrina Kaif shots in Vogue are worth a dekko. Touch-up and digital corrections are a given for any photoshoot of any celebrity in anywhere in the world. Enjoy!

13 Replies to “Magic Of ‘Touch-Up’…Ooh-La-La”

  1. pia says:

    Oh please. She has the best legs and figure in the industry. Those legs are very shapely unlike many other straight legs. If you must talk of photoshop, please do a separate article on Aishwarya. Her arms are half the real size in print ads, her skin whitened, tummy made flat, given a waist and a bum whereas she is flat from both ends in real life and so on.

  2. Thea says:

    Seriously she is really toned, I don’t see anything particularly unflattering in the pics. And which photos aren’t touched up. Do you have some dirt on Kaif that makes you hate her. If so spill else let her live.

  3. Alcie says:

    Anaita and the photographer has done a great job. As for Kat, she can’t even emote well in pix! Someone like Deepika and Kareena would have killed this shoot!

  4. mastimazak86 says:

    Nowadays it’s difficult to tell who among the current actresses is really pretty naturally. For me all look fake and plastic.

    Jack,can you tell who among the current breed of actresses has the best body which she has acquired by natural means i.e. without surgical help. You sure can tell us,as you might have met/seen them in person.

  5. nano says:

    Jack is it true that Ranbir is dating some Delhi girl? Please answer. Thanks

  6. jack says:

    Not dating…just having a good time…

  7. Jack , does ranbir pay her for having good time or does girl sleep with him willingly . please answer

  8. nefarious says:

    anyone know who that Delhi girl is? i read in a blind he was even having a good time with Jacqueline;)

  9. sang says:

    nefarious, that girl is Bharti. In her interview she denied that report and said She has never met RK neither a fan. Google her, she is a make up artist.

  10. nefarious says:

    @sang, i know about Bharti, but since she denied it, who is the actual girl?

  11. dp says:

    Hey jack! Did anything happen between Katrina and Hrihtik during Bang Bang?

  12. sang says:

    hey @nefarious & Jack, that Delhi girl Bharti and her ‘rich’ Bf broke up in June. and the main reason is RK. so it means all those blind items were true and she was lying. Now she is in and trying her luck in BW

  13. jack says:

    Give us more dope on them pls

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