What’s Up With Katrina Kaif & Her Siblings?

This piece of news I found out at the popular Blog – Pinkvilla.com and India-Forums. Pretty shocking! Thought will share it with you folks…

The recent photo of Katrina Kaif in her young days shows Katrina with porn movie producer Terry Stephens. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1093061/

I am wondering what is she doing with him? Also her sis Isabelle had a porn movie clip leaked some time back which turned out to be a fake one. Something seems very fishy here…..Thoughts?

Christine Turner pornstar is famous Bollywood star Katrina Kaif’s sister!

Christine Turner aka Cindy aka Christine Turquotte aka Turcotte is famous Bollywood star Katrina Kaif’s sister. This is not a prank or joke…first a picture of Christine with Katrina Kaif and another sister of theirs. This is the link, check out the lady in the extreme right –http://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainme…unseen-sisters

If you have seen that lets move ahead. Christine is or was part of porn producer Terry Stephens’ website and the movie “Backdoor Raiders”. Now check this pic out of Katrina Kaif with Terry stephens clicked from her earlier days in London, before she became a huge Bollywood megastar. Link- http://www.pinkvilla.com/node/212746

Also another sister of Kaif’s had a sex tape leaked online Here is the link-





12 Replies to “What’s Up With Katrina Kaif & Her Siblings?”

  1. SG says:

    This is probably why Sunny Leone thinks she can make it big in Bollywood..!! Atleast she’s honest about her past.. Unlike Ms. Turcotte who’s lied about her age, father, past life & career..In one interview she even says she was an engineering student & came to India to discover her father’s Indian roots..! Katrina’s family was a part of Family International & she was known to be an escort in UAE..

  2. Sang says:

    yeah.. I’ve read those posts sometime ago…. and am not even surprised. and agree with SG that kat always lied about her age and past life….

  3. gossipgirl says:

    Hey Jack. Are you on India Forums? Share your username.

  4. Tina says:

    I am wondering how much lies and lies Katrina Kaif told everyone around her? And how she just pretends to be an innocent virgin! I must say, she is a much better actress off screen than on screen….I wonder if Ranbir and Salman know?

  5. OMG! says:

    This is such a big bollywood scoop? Why is the tabloid media ignoring this????

  6. Tina says:

    @OMG! no news site has picked this up, not even zoom. I’m guessing they are scared or Katrina’s PR paid them to shut up..

  7. hemant says:

    Katrinas eldest sister has been part of adult industry , she did only one video with that Terry stephens guy , which he seems to be using now that katrina is mega star , these pics are leaked for a purpose. If that guy had any dirt on katrina he would have already leaked it by now with title queen of bollywood getting fucked . Catherine is the one who got married recently in london , she has a daughter and she is a teacher now . There is a reason ranbir address respect word for katrina . Because she saved her family from falling into darkness of big bad world of porn . She supported them financially , she even supported her mothers charity . Today all are settled and in respectable jobs . And katrina is only kid in the loat who has indian british father ( not pure indian ) , I read it in an interveiw of her family in uk magazine . Only katrina has indian dad. And all the 7 kids have different father .

  8. manisha says:

    Hermant, katerina does not have a british/kashmiri/indian/asian dad. You Are suggesting that her mother gad the first kids with One man and then she went and had Katerina with another man and then came back to her first husband to have the rest of her kids. Clearly that suggestion is absurd. And everything you read in a magazine or paper is not necessarily the whole truth. People lie all the time. You should instead read the comments made by Ayesha Shrooff who explained how Katarina’s past and Indian father and name was all made up, invented to so Katerina could enter bollywood. Her fathers surname is TURQUOTTE as stated in her passport. She resembles her sisters. I know some people who are completely Aryan (Anglo Saxon ethnicity) but look foreign. It happens. Just like sometimes blue eyed or light skinned kids are born in Asian communities. As for Katarinas connection to porn..well I don’t know. But her oast is shady and she has continuously lied about it. She came to India to be a star. Mission complete. But she us not ibdan, half, quarter or any fraction. She is through and through Caucasian. Accept the facts. Read Ayesha Shrooffs interview. It’s a few years old. Kaif or Mohammad Kaif does not exist. Never has. The man in the picture with a young child Katerina and her siblings is the same man in later recent pictures. He aged like people do but otherwise same features etc.

  9. Alcie says:

    My jaw is dropping now. I always felt that she was evasive in interviews about her past life because of her dad not being there. Now, it seems like she has something to hide. We will all forgive you if you have done porn in the past, Katrina ji. Salman must have helped her cover all the tracks. I still can’t believe that’s Kat with that porn producer. Ek! I am not buying her freelance modelling bs she has been telling people when she was in London. Not even one photo to show.

    Any more new or hints Jack? Is this the reason why Kat was given the boot by Ranbir’s parents? Why has her photo with Terry emerged so late! Damn! I missed this event. I love going through your old posts! Bollywood is murkier than days of our lives. Jack, please say it like you mean it 😀 Loving your posts.

  10. fanofbollygoss says:

    Hi Guys,
    My first time posting on this site. This site is so addictive. Recently, I have found few nudes and full length porn video of Katrina Kaif’s sister Christine. Must say was shocked cuz I thought it must be kat’s rivals pr to tarnish her. kat surely has a shady past.

  11. fanofbollygoss says:

    Found Kat’s sister Christine nude pics and full length porno

  12. fanofbollygoss says:

    I am glad Ranbir got saved from marrying this girl

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