Recently I posted the six-packed Yash Birla in Parrot-Green Frenchies holidaying with his toy-boyz. By the way does this guy got to work? Or he simply enjoys the family wealth? All that Yash Birla seems to do is Wax his Chest, Pump Iron in the gym, Drink Protein Shakes, Hang-Out with Boyz and of course Shop for Green Briefs.

In this photograph too, Yash is donning his favourite Green Chaddi. Wah what a life Yash…or shall I say Ayash!



3 Replies to “See More of BEEFY BIRLA In BRIEFS”

  1. preeti binoy says:

    Request if the website could act a little responsible and help us with controlling such miscreants. Such people are maligning the name of reputed budiness tycoons. Request if you can please help us to withdraw these chats from your message board at the earliest.

  2. ugggg says:

    Preeti….what are you talking about?

  3. dave says:

    This guy is so weird it is amusing. I bet he is a steroid-pumped, small-balled, micro-weinered douche-bag

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