Tehelka’s Tejpal Takes A 6-Month Break Post Sexually Assaulting A Colleague

Tarun TejpalHow convenient it is for Tarun Tejpal, the Editor-in-Chief cum Managing Editor of Tehelka to resign for six months after self-introspecting the lurid act of sexually assaulting his female colleague. I have never heard of time-bound resignation. What the hell is a resignation for 6-months??? Guess it is a smart move on Tarun Tejpal’s part to let the matter simmer off. Will his lady colleague feel safe to work under him after 6-months? I doubt.

Tehelka_Paid StoryC Sivasankaran_Fraud NRITehelka’s Tarun Tejapal sexually assaulted a fellow colleague over two days during their annual Thinkfest in Goa. Was it too much fenny or the Goa air that fuelled Tejpal’s unbridled libido is anybody’s guess. Once the victimised lady colleague of Tarun Tejapal complained, he went into self introspection and decided to resign for six months.

Tehelka started as a holier than thou publication but over the years it is become more infamous for agenda-driven and paid journalism. In fact the promoter of Tehelka – Shankar Sharma of First Global thrives on it. The Aircel-Maxis story that Tehelka carried in their June 2011 issue was paid for by the most sinister of all NRI businessmen – C Sivasankaran. Siva paid crores and crores to Tehelka to carry the story and post this Dayanidhi Maran had to resign from the cabinet of UPA-2 Government.

Let’s see how Tarun Tejpal spends his 6-month holiday post this sex scam.

2 Replies to “Tehelka’s Tejpal Takes A 6-Month Break Post Sexually Assaulting A Colleague”

  1. Lovely says:

    Tehelka has disgraced itself. How can they accept a 6 month resignation? The shmuck should have been stood down and the matter referred to a police investigation. What happened was a CRIME and not office misconduct. Moreover, I did not know that Tehelka has stooped to paid coverage. Now this is just plain depressing, considering where it started from.

  2. Non_Punju says:

    Why not put him in a local thana along with the media circus accompanying and subject him and his family to what the nirbhaya case perpetrators had to go through.
    this is what you get when u peel one or two layers of most dilli b h e n c h ds

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