Steven Spielberg in Conversation with Amitabh Bachchan

Legendary film-maker – Steven Spielberg is visiting India on Anil Ambani’s invitation. Ambani and Spielberg’s relationship is now a couple of years old since his company, Reliance Entertainment invested in Spielberg’s company, Dreamworks. Ambanis have been regulars at the Oscars now. They were seen with Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Fields of Lincoln, which Reliance Entertainment […]

Some Hilarious Photoshop Disasters

I chanced upon this great site that enlists all kinds of Photoshop Disasters. Lingerie Brand Victoria’s Secret seems to be the victim of the maximum photoshop disasters. Marissa Miller has been modelling for Victoria’s Secret but she may be surprised to find that in one Victoria’s Secret catalogue shot, an entire limb has been erased […]