Farah Khan You Are Disgusting!

Farah_Expletives1We are talking about the film-maker Farah Khan, not the jewelry designer. In the video here, which I am sure has gone viral, Farah is quizzed by anchor Cyrus Sahukar for a show titled – The Bench. Farah suggests it would be smarter to call it ‘Behen C**d’. Damn Farah you are so creative.


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In her conversation with Cyrus Sahukar, Farah Khan uses the ‘F’ word more than a dozen times. What the Fuck!!! I never ever heard or seen civilized professionals talk in such a crass manner.

The most offensive bit are where Farah hurl abuses on spot-boys. She utters filthy and degrading terms like ‘chut**a’, ‘madar c***’ and worse. Cyrus too like a pussy did not come forward and stop Farah Khan from abusing and humiliating  his crew. Is this is the level of professionalism in Bollywood? Is this how famous Bollywood players talk and behave? Are these the people millions idolize? I am truly disgusted. Farah Khan you may make millions but that won’t earn you respect after what we saw here.

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  1. stealthbomber says:

    Hi Jack .. I am quite a fan of your blog and really admire your courage as a journalist for posting material here that would not otherwise be published in any newspaper.
    I totally agree that Farah Khan’s behavior here was outrageous, unprofessional and downright offensive.
    However, I do not appreciate your statement “I never ever heard or seen a girl talk in such a crass manner.” While I am not supporting FK’s verbal abuse, I think its sexist to suggest that it is uncouth for women to be verbally abusive. Would you apply the same standard to men are verbally abusive and yet are considered successful professionals?

    I hope you will take my comment in the spirit it is intended: a constructive criticism.
    Always looking forward to your posts and comments!

    PS: Both Farah Khan and Sajid Khan are dreadful individuals.

  2. Liz says:

    So ur problem with this video is that a girl talks in a vulgar fashion…u urself used the F word in ur post and Farah managed to use it more…thats all !!
    As far as her treating her abusing the spot boys…i think she is a nut case…but her interview was downright funny …im sure this video is some spoof…did u c the one with Karan Johar…he was even more fun…so def not an authentic interview.

  3. Pegandahat says:

    Yep she is a disgusting lady. It is scripted but who accepts to go this abusive? She is screwed up jack just like her movies!

  4. Tabi says:

    so true.. this is highly surprising! They earn millions and work 24×7 and they would come across so many support staff like this. This is how they behave with their subordinates?! giving gaalis for the sake of giving it, is a trait of ‘jaahils’ and ‘gawaar’
    The brother-sister duo assume to be one of the most innovative and creative in the industry and just boast around everyone. Too bad.. Good Jack, you uploaded this.

  5. Tabi says:

    I mean, its just their fantasy, that they’re good at humor and can make anyone laugh..

  6. GG says:

    Her films are only successful because of SRK. Without him she wouldn’t be making even a rupee on her movies. We all know what happened when he dumped her aka the nightmare called tees maar khan.

  7. S Jayadeep says:

    totally agree with stealthbomber.. u lost my respect in that very sentence ” I never ever heard or seen a girl talk in such a crass manner.”

  8. jack says:

    I am sorry!

  9. etios says:

    Ha! Ha! Jack, the Feminazis got you 🙂

  10. Rajaraviverma2008 says:

    Cut some slack for jack guys. Obviously he meant ppl like farah. Not being a gender police. I hvn,t seen him being sexist in any of his posts so far. Every one commits a fax pas oce in a while inadvertently and we shud pass.

  11. S jayadeep says:

    all’s well dear.. You are very talented.. i personally feel man or woman anybody using such cheap abusive language should be booked .. is there any law like that? verbal abuse?

  12. stealthbomber says:

    Hey Jack .. glad we see eye to eye on this .. keep up the good work!

  13. dilasha says:

    As a female I totally agree that there should not be double standards when it comes to anything between the genders, but I know what Jack was trying to say. He just thinks we are classier and gentle and you just don’t hear hear women speak like that unless its a red light movie or a gangs-of type movie.

    When it comes to curse words, there are certain words that are tagged with a set of demographics and there is nothing wrong with breaking that but it can really come off as utter vulgarity and insult to your “own” group . For example, “behen***”….. is predominantly a male dominated curse word. Just sounds a lot more vulgar when she says it, not that she is obliged to avoid it. Similarity being the N -word, it can be seen as anything from a word of endearment to a total insult in the black community (also used by wanna-be ganstas/wiggers type), but totally unacceptable if used in the way farah used *behen…..*

    B***h/ Wh**e”- totally different when us women use it vs when males use it to describe each other. makes use it to describe females. If a woman uses it is diff than when males use it.

    The b-word or ma-c___d is just crude and its not a “female” curse word. I think Jack meant us women are just way too classy to speak like that. She is also a public figure. I am sure many of us just the f-word, but don’t to it in front of grandparents/work/tv etc. Just not the type of lingo that is cool.

    The worst is the way she was talking to that waiter or whoever it was. It was very rude, degrading and disrespectful. Poor guy. I can’t believe people still act like that after all these years of democratic struggle. As a female I don’t expect her to speak to him even more just because women in India are still spoken to just like that by men- fathers/brothers/husbands/even sons, bosses etc.Our struggle for equality as women is no different that the struggle of the economically disadvantaged to get respect from the more “powerful.” So yeah ones expects more. So gross. Thank you for showing this. Its like the Vadra episode, we still live in a very hierarchical society.

    Glad the PM used to a chai boy!

    OMG sorry I got carried away lol.

  14. SS says:

    You know, I saw the video and the comments as well.. 90% of women in Bombay talk like that (the 17-35 age group who consider themselves the ‘cool’ and ‘liberated’ crowd) minus the Hindi gaalis. Also, this is 1 side of the story.. I know for a fact that asst. Directors and spot boys are nosey and source of gossip for journalists. I’m no way an elitist who believes in treating those below a certain financial strata, badly but I also believe that this doesn’t automatically make her a bitc*. Think about the bais in India and how arrogant they are.. Threatening to leave the job if you pi$$ then off… Regardless ‘that fcki*g mc .. Do you know what he did??’… Verryy common way of speaking … So ppl getting alarmed, don’t .. FK might be a bit*h, but this video doesn’t auromaticalky qualify her as that is all I’m saying.

  15. tanya says:

    the moment she opened her mouth to the boy bringing tea….i lost all respect.

  16. Pam says:

    Farrah is a disgrace…

  17. Speechless. No celebrity of such exalted status is expected to conduct themselves this way. I was really taken aback. So demotivating revelation about her for aspiring actors. Is enduring such attitude of directors justified in acting career? Is it still the way to speak to audience of age over 18 years?

  18. Speechless. Very demotivating revelation regarding this director for aspiring actors and creative artists. Is it really mandatory for artists to endure such ruckus of exalted celebrities? Can’t people like these suffer immediate demotion?

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