3 Modern School Bullies Change School

Modern_VV_BulliesAfter the disgusting bullying activity in Modern School, Vasant Vihar went viral on the social media, the school management had to take some action. In fact there were five not four class VI students who bullied a class VII student. The Modern School management seems to have taken action against 3 of the 5 bullies.

Victim_Modern_BulliesTwo prime bullies have moved to The British School and one has joined the Pathways School within 24 Hours of their rustication from the Modern School. Wonder what happened to all that big-talk about ‘zero tolerance’ on bullying in European and American Schools? Did it not deter The British School from taking in the two bullies rusticated from the Modern School? Did they get swayed in by the money power and clout enjoyed by the parents of these bullies? Suryavansh, the son of the copy-cat designer duo is among the two who has joined the British School and the Gutka baron’s son has moved to The Pathways School, which claims to be an international school.

I just hope that the kids at the British School and at Pathways are safe. By the way I also discovered that these bullies carried the reputation that they are powerful and can get away with anything. In fact that’s what many kids from the school told me. They came to school in fancy cars and with bodyguards and literally polluted the atmosphere. Shame on the parents of these kids, who I believe is enjoying the sudden attention they are getting. 

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  1. Colossial says:

    its true in every school Jack. In my batch vice principal son used to study. He used to carry deos, perfumes, walk man and used to eat snacks throughout the day and also received private tutions from teachers and we were not allowed even to get a comb or drink water during periods. The school was owned by the vice principals father.Now days they have started an international school.

  2. Cozi says:

    Dear Colossial,

    You are probably right. But here’s the thing. Sati was pretty common and accepted practice too. Until a few stood up and fought against it. Until it became unacceptable to society at large. The same is happening with abuse against women. The same should be the case with bullying. These things don’t stop until we refuse to accept it as ‘business as usual’. Which is why Jack has posted this. Which is also why, so many of us commented here.

  3. ss says:

    having been a victim of DV and a mother to a small child.. i so agree with the above comment.. THIS HAS TO STOP! Bullying, abuse, aggressive, violent and hostile behaviour in any form should not be accepted by society. Abuse to women is accepted by society with the logic “ladki ki galti hogi.. itna bolti hai” or “dowry nahin di” or whatever. STOP finding excuses for the bad behaviour!

  4. ravi says:

    Very good post jack, pls let’s pledge to stop all this bulling, will make the world a beautiful place

  5. Stalker says:

    If I post this on 4c**n in /b, you can rest assure its not gonna end well for the bullies.

  6. The British School, New Delhi says:

    The management of The British School, New Delhi, would like to point out that the information provided about our school in this post is false. The expelled students have NOT been admitted to The British School, New Delhi. A thorough check of students and their academic background is done prior to offering admission; this includes requesting confidential reports from the previous school(s).

    We are surprised and disappointed that neither the host website nor the author of this post have as yet acted to correct these inaccurate claims.

    The British School, New Delhi

  7. Ariana says:

    How do you a parent condone that kind of behavior? How do you look at your self and say.”hmm..I am doing a great job as a parent and raising a wonderful person/man?”
    How do you not cringe? Its this kind of Blatant nonsense that leads to them becoming assholes of the first order when they grow up spewing”Do you know who I am?”…YES We do, you are a douche bag!! If Indeed British school has denied them admission, Kudos to them. I hope these kids rot in hell.

  8. Ariana says:

    Thank you for posting this, People should be ashamed for this kind of behavior, there should be no place in a civilized society for this nonsense! Absolutely NO PLACE.

    “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men/Women Do Nothing”

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