Trends That Will Dominate Fashion’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collections

Jil Sander_FW2014Now that the Fall/Winter 2014 runway shows in New York, Milan, Paris and London are over, it is quiet obvious to narrow down on the trends that will dominate the fall/winter 2014 fashion. The year has witnessed new and old talents from around the globe, all presenting the latest that fashion has to offer, including 3D-printing, hybrid clothing and the season’s color of choice.

Burberry_FW2014Fashionistas will have a great time to select from varied styles, ranging from gothic to medieval, floral to androgynous and everything in between. The fall street style can expect anything from revamped varsity gear, color contrasts, boyfriend coats to pastels and of course, a positive attitude. Also in the forthcoming Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) Fall/Winter 2014 starting on the 26th of March, we will see who all adhere to the global trends that emerged from the runways of Milan, Paris, New york and London.

Leger_Avant Gardexherve-leger-fall-2014.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.sfTIL3HHpeAVANT GARDE STYLES: This coming fall, fans of Herve Leger designs can strut out in age-corset belts, car wash hems and navel-baring cutouts. The texture of these exotic pieces of clothing come with 3D jacquard’s and pixelated metal beading. Complete with apparel for the more conservative women, this collection also features simple crop tops paired with pencil skirts. ThE collection doesn’t stray far from its dark and neutral hues except for the occasional pops of white and orange. Every year Herve Leger seems to top the collection before it with an even more lustful — yet sophisticated — take on bondage apparel.

xprada-fall-2014-collection.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.F1fszQR9ASPrada_FW2014GENDER DIVERSION: Prada presented a collection where the menswear-inspired coats added dimension and contrast to the feminine frocks. The mix and match of feminine-masculine motifs were quite charming. The Prada Fall 2014 Collection was moodier, darker and managed to be both kooky and calculated. A clash of prints, oversized silhouettes and layered fabrics with slinky, bright dresses peeking beneath large printed coats were interesting.

xjil-sander-fall-2014-collection.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.58GY9Nz0EQSEAMLESSLY SARTORIAL: The Jil Sander fall 2014 Collection was clean and pocketless. All the garments in the collection were beautifully cut and crafted. The collection featured Sander’s signature clean lines, but were softly updated with tucks across shift dress fronts. In longer dresses were taught at the hips, but loose around the chest. The palette ranged from deeply muted pastels – sea green, lavender or pink grapefruit. As a whole, the collection was subtle, soft and lovely. Jackets and dresses were as clean as can be with no pockets or visible seaming.

Balenciaga1_FW2014Balenciaga_FW2014STRUCTURED KNITS: Designed by Alexander Wang, the stunning collection is the designer’s third collection for Balenciaga. Showing off his flair for visual aesthetics, the designer used a lot of urban detailing like exposed zippers, texturized leather coats and laser-cut dresses. The collection also featured Wang’s beautiful knits, which ranged from cropped versions with fur stripes to beaded sweaters combined with structural silk tops. Alexander Wang with his beautiful cuts and quality fabrics made the Balenciaga Fall 2014 collection a big hit. 

Watnabe_FW2014xjunya-watanabe-fall-2014-collection.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.HkDpXXtZFPCIRCULAR CONSTRUCTION: Japanese designers create cult fashion and though they may not find favor with all, I am particularly fond of Japanese designers. Junya Watnabe’s fall/winter 2014 collection created a buzz in Paris. Continuing with the gothic-style theme, the Junya Watanabe had his women clamped into closely fitting skullcaps. Wool netting, tulle and even flashy sequins were employed as raw materials for his artistic canvases. Early on in the collection the designer’s circle constructions were featured, then moving to triangles, waves and petal shapes. These cuts exhibited the diversity of the materials on tunics, ponchos, capes and skirts.


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  1. Rocco says:

    Hey Jack what’s scoop on Shweta and Nikhil? are they seperated? divorced?

  2. God_ShaReeF says:

    Aye Rocco, khud ko thoda rokko baba —>>>
    Bada B, Virrye Sanghvi ko phone kiya,
    Ab ghar ka baat market mein nakko karo nee…
    Bada B bola, Haiyen, jab tak mere saans mein saans rahegi, Shwheta Nikhal ke ghar mein hi rahegi.
    Give them some time baba. Baccha log hain.
    Phir Nikhil ka bhi to kuch preference hai.

    I really feel sad for these NRD Bahus (non resident Delhi).
    Delhi is “no so lucky” for these 3 especially, Shwheta, Karishhmaah & Riddhimaah.
    Khandaan alag hue to kya hua.
    SomeHow they all are connected to each other.
    Shaadi ke baad hubby ka preference badal jaata hai yaar.
    Is this the same scoop Jack what you poured in HT City long time back.
    Par ab to baat market mein aa gaya 🙂
    Because fashScan is suchaaaaa (a) fearLess Bird.
    Ye koi kisi Birla ki mill thode hi hai.
    Jahan Vir bhi Veerye bann jaata hai.
    Radia ki kasam.
    Hai naaa Rocco (above thinker)

    P.S. Yahan to behan bhi aaise hi hai.
    Ye Nataashaah kaunsa shaadi karegi.
    Sabko lagi padhi hai, fire FIRE.
    Ohh Maa Deepa Mehta, Save us.
    Karan Jouhar ki kasam 🙂

    Aapki Lulli, Langhri, bhulaai hui, bhookhi, desspo,
    Aapki hi naaMuraad, kambakht badsoorat,
    Aapki aapki aapki God_ShaReeF 🙂
    Kya aapke andar ki God, ShaReeF hai.
    HisSs hiss hi’s’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. suzie wangdo says:

    Oh good going Rocco and GS. I really feel bad for these girls who are denied any career options and made to put on facades. They are slaughtered in the name of family pride. Sad.

  4. Laveena says:

    Hi God_ShaReeF! 🙂

    Yeah I actually got to know about Shweta and her spouse 10 years ago! Doting dad B forbid her from returning home. So zwee (she) would *kuss* guys behind trees.

    Hate me for gossiping.

    But no one is holier than thou mighty hey! When hypocrites abound

  5. God_ShaReeF says:

    Dear Laveena,
    This was the scoop by JaiDeep Ghosh columnist in HT City in 2005-6 if i recall precisely.
    Mujhe to tabhi pataa laga.
    Aur 10 saal pehle pagli tune mujhe kyun nahi bataaya 🙁
    Hum dono milkar scoop phoddte.
    But then there was no naa…
    HisSs hiss hi’s’
    🙂 Love you Laveena.
    Tu hi to hai Maa Saraswati ki Veena.

  6. Ashwini says:

    Bombay girls in Delhi. Now another top actor/ actress’ daughter who didn’t really have a career has married a business baron in Delhi. Big change in her life as she moves from Mummy’s Juhu home to a Punju family bungalow in Vasant Vihar, Delhi. Hope she works hard to make it work, and last. Wishing you lots of luck A & V.

  7. God_ShaReeF says:

    Ye teeno toh gay nikkle, shaadi ke baad.
    Vaibhav is not gay.
    He will be faithful to Ahaana.

  8. BubbleT says:

    AB’s baby has body language that is very gay. looks like daddy is not willing to accept that either. Bechari ash ke saare supney ash ho gaye…

  9. Laveena says:

    Danke God_Shareef! Ich liebe dich 🙂

    Jaideep Ghosh is amazing, un héroe! 🙂

  10. God_ShaReeF says:

    Mein vergnugen Laveena
    Ich liebe dich auch
    Durst nach blut
    Zischen Zischen

  11. jack says:

    Hey ENGLISH pls

  12. jack says:

    ENGLISH only!

  13. Laveena says:


    Ashwini – you’re right! He got close to Kjo on the rebound after Karishma broke up with him. Even his now wife experimented, after Salman, with makeup-artist Michelle. They lived together for a while.

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