Louis Vuitton Ki Toh Balle-Balle

Jatinder_LV TurbanLagerfeld_Chanel_MurbanI fear that day is not far away when like the quintessential Indian Bandhgala, the Sikh Turban would be taken over by the western fashion world. Well the Sikh Turban has already inspired Karl Lagerfeld in 2010 to send down male models on the Chanel show donning turbans. Lagerfeld however called it ‘Murban’ (Male Turban). Jean Paul Gaultrier’s entire spring/summer 2013 menswear collection had models donning the traditional Sikh turban.

LV CampaignLast night I saw our very own designer JJ Valaya put up a picture of Jatinder Durhailay donning a LV monogrammed turban. For the uninitiated, Jatinder is the latest Sikh model making the waves. He was featured on the front page of the Financial Times modelling for the new Louis Vuitton campaign, and this was just days after the Gap advert featuring another celebrity Sardar – Waris Ahluwalia.

gaultier-ss-2013turban-Louis Vuitton, acrylic and ink on paper, 2005_650In the LV campaign, Jatinder Durhailay wore solid yellow and navy-blue turban with rich brocade Vuitton jackets. But the picture of him where he has used a large LV scarf to tie-up as a turban might just go viral with the ‘Puppy Punjabis’. I am sure I will spot a few very soon. God save me from the probable onslaught of ‘Murban’ logo-mania!

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  1. KYA_PATA_KAUN says:

    kudos for the new layout! Much required!!

  2. Kaveri says:

    Amazing New Look!!! Loads faster too….FashScan Rocks!!!

  3. jack says:

    Thank you Kaveri!

  4. shivani says:

    Best ever update on any site… Amazing layout… Yayyyy!!!! So happy!!!!!!!!

  5. lovelylibran says:

    Hey Jack! ! Totally love the new look of the website!!

  6. alibis says:

    i love this blog. you should also write about these guys lalit dua and ajay relan who are supposed to be rich people but like to have sex with whores who charge like 500 rupees.

  7. Goz Czar says:

    Really catchy and sleek new layout. Love it.

  8. God_ShaReeF says:

    Arrey kambakhton Tum log yahan ek doosre ko badhaai de de ke ro rahe ho
    Wahan kisine indian style mein iss post ki “Loon ki Doon” ala Louis Vuitton Kardi.

    Hello my Sweet Bananas of Benaras,
    This is the Height of Stealing.
    God himSelf has crapped on them.
    Such a Looting Paper this HT City… Please check today’s ed’s front page.
    Thoo. One word.
    Thoo on Thief Reporter, Medha Shri Dahiya.
    Thoo. Such a shit & spit on this NewsPaper from a height.
    Thoo. Such an ejection from the Slutty Mouth… Thoo again.
    I shall refer SUCH as Journo Whore.
    Once a “a Journo always a Whore”.
    Such Gutter-Dwellers of Journalistic Profession. Thoo.

    Dhaan dhaan dhaan dhaan dhaan…
    Lala ji ka Ghentaaaaaa…
    Bajaatey Raho.

    Aapki ek Bhooli Bissri Desspo
    Aapki LuLLee
    Puraani Page3 AdaahKaaraa
    Habitual Paapin
    Aapki Kambakht GoD_ShaReeF
    Kya aapke andar ki God, ShaReeF hai?
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    HisSs hiss hi’s’

  9. pal.jaideep@hotmail.com says:

    Do you mean a Sikh Turban is a fashion scandal?

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