Kim Kardashian – This Is How She Became Famous

Kim Kardashian got married for the second time to the basketballer, Kris Humphries on Saturday (20th August) with loads of A-listers attending the ceremony. The photographs haven’t been published because the Kardashians sold the Wedding Rights for Millions. Only this grainy picture is doing the rounds.

Well lots have been written about the Kardashian-Humphries wedding so I won’t bore you with that. But do you know why or how Kim Kardashian became Hollywood Royalty? Well like her predecessors – Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan she strategically leaked her sex tape in which she’s seen humping and bumping Ray J.

With a lot of help from Vivid an exclusive cut of the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape has been put together as a matrimonial message for Kim on her special day by Egotastic. You can see the Video here (Provided you are 18 years & Above):

2 Replies to “Kim Kardashian – This Is How She Became Famous”

  1. Beth says:

    Yeah it’s another pathetic example of someone who is famous for being famous and not much else. At least she’s genuinely pretty unlike some of the other celebutantes floating around the airwaves but the sex tape thing is just morally screwed up.

  2. dirtydancing says:

    Shandar Amrohi suddenly passes off in drug capital Goa away from home, when just 2 months back in his own tell all book bash he himself said he was hail and hearty and not dying yet. Authorities will have to fill in the blanks but meanwhile you can do a feature on him – seems masala movie plot – Property case, will, leading actress becoming sudden daughter and beneficiary to will, involving in FIR, Court, becoming richest in Bollywood, his sister Rukhsar alleging that actress has Ulterior motives, then Amrohi alleging Zinta is stalling his deal, tell all book, and when he passes away this so called daughter sits on her butt and tweets blaming his family for death and saying he saw journey but did not see this coming RIP as if any1 sees death coming.??…!

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