Has She Gone Under The Knife?

My favourite Lehenga-Maker – Bobby Daahling aka Anjalee Kapoor seems to have gone under the knife. In her recent images her face looks comparatively taut with plumper lips and voila…double chin’s gone! But Anjalee who is famous for committing fashion harakiri regularly has kept her Sadhna Cut intact.  When you are selling lehengas for Rupees 10 […]

Year-End ‘Scandalous’ List – Bag-Hags Who Flaunt Fake Birkins

The coveted Birkin has become the Black Label Scotch in India. Just like India sells and consume more Black-Label than it’s produced in Scotland, the number of Bag-Hags flaunting their Birkin are more than the bags sold by Hermes. You wondering how can that happen? Well darling it’s the ‘fakes’ that are floating around and […]

2011’s Worst Fashion Victims

Here is Fashionscandal.com’s second much-awaited list of the terrible-terrible fashion victims of 2011. This LIST too has been compiled from the suggestions made by readers and the names that appeared the most has been featured. The first bunch of Fashion Victims are those who don’t dress their age. Gracefully ageing is so much more classy […]