Somebody put his Wife at Stake in a Card Party. Uffff…..

Baapji aka Priest, a regular reader of this Blog shared some scandalous information on things that happens in Delhi’s high-society card parties. Here is a modern day Mahabharat! Baapji wrote: ” I have heard somebody lost his wife in pre -diwali cards for a 2 days holiday at a cards party in Maharani Bagh. They […]

Amar Sarin’s car’s panes were smashed at Riju’s Diwali Bash

  Riju Jhunjhunwala, the guy who recently got married to Amrita Kak, the daughter of Bina Kak, the Tourism Minister of Rajasthan, threw a lavish pre-Diwali bash at his farm. Delhi’s society-walas gambled, drank, puffed, pulled, ate and danced at his party but for one guy, Amar Sarin. Amar is Sunaini’s kid brother and has […]

Sculptor Anish Kapoor’s 1st ever Exhibition in India is here month end

The Turner prize-winning sculptor Anish Kapoor is having his first ever exhibition in his native India. Oh yes this treat to us comes from none other than Louis Vuitton! Anish is a legend.  His exhibition last year at the Royal Academy in London was the most successful ever for a living artist, attracting more than 260,000 […]