Hilariously Freaky Undies – iPhone Panties & Fart-Fighting Briefs

I never knew there are so many genius minds out there who devote their skills in designing some absolutely bizarre yet functional underwear. When it comes to bizarre undergarments, these unusual underwear designs take the cake.  Great minds have developed all sorts of underwear breakthroughs including a pair of briefs that actually make sure smelly odors […]

Fart-Fighting Underwear

Well if you suffer from the ‘gassy’ problem and can’t avoid releasing ‘stinky bombs’, here’s your solution. So long as you’re wearing ‘4SKINS’ underwear, there’s no such thing as a “silent but deadly” odorous discharge. Made of cotton and spandex, these tighty-whities have been enhanced with Nano-Tex technology that acts as a smell neutralizer within […]