A Big Faux Pas

I do apologize for the huge faux pas committed by me about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his shawl erroneously mentioned as a Louis Vuitton shawl. Thank you to all those who enlightened me. But tell me has Modi Ji not committed a faux pas too by landing in Paris draped in stole/shawl that looked very much like a […]


ESSAR Phone Taps Dug-Out Amar Singh’s ‘Fossil’

The Essar Phone Tapping scam will bring out lot of filth – Conspiracy, Corruption and un-lid Can of Worms. This forgotten gossip that FS published in May 2011 got renewed interest.The youtube link was subsequently removed on Court direction but Essar Phone Tapping scandal dug out the FOSSIL! Now post the gag order or Amar […]

Accused of Insider Trading, Rajat Gupta Helped RIL

On the 2nd May 2011 Fashionscandal posted this news of RIL’s ambitious dream of exploring oil in Alaska. It was former McKinsey and Goldman & Sachs honcho Rajat Gupta who recently got indicted for charges of Insider Trading put Reliance Industries Limited in touch with American Fund House,Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co (KKR) that also indulge in Lobbying.  […]