Majority Of E-Commerce Business In India Is A Big SHAM

E-Commerce has got a big boost from the government and everybody is gung-ho about the billion dollar investment pouring in for E-Commerce in India. But are the consumers happy? Is it a ‘bubble’ like the ‘Dot Com’ business that will  eventually burst? Is it a business plan, which is doctored to lure in huge investments […]

Is it Propah to wear a Dior to a Valentino Dinner Party?

I thought true-blue fashionistas follow the thumb-rule of wearing the host designer’s creations at their shows and soirees. It’s a way of showing solidarity. But I was shocked to discover that the busty-lusty Elizabeth Hurley wore Dior to the Valentino Garavani Archives Dinner Party at Versailles. Interestingly it wasn’t a one time faux pas. Liz […]