Are Fashion Labels Becoming Ethical?

In April 2013 ‘sweat shops’ manufacturing fashion labels in risky condition ‘collapsed under malpractises’ when Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed and took the lives of 1138 people  Following the tragic incident, a social enterprise –  Fashion Revolution (and its annual week dedicated to ethics in fashion) was founded to fight for greater transparency in […]


‘Sarkari Begum’ Of Fashion Submits ‘Nawabi’ Styles For Rail Employees

The fashion design’s ‘Sarkari Begum’ – Ritu Beri who was invited to create new uniforms for the 1.3 Milion employees of Indian Railways by the Minister, Suresh Prabhu, submitted four concepts and one of, which is inspired by the ‘Nawabs’. Mind you, this process of special invitation extended to Ritu Beri is highly suspect as […]