Isn’t This Insulting Gandhi?

Post AnnaGiri, Gandhigiri too has swept the cyberworld and that’s how I discovered this Youtube Video – Gandhi II posted by GusAJMDow in May 2007. You can see it here: Gandhi, as a hero of 80s Hollywood action films:

The video starts with the voiceover – He’s back and this time he’s mad! 
Mahatma Gandhi
doing Kung-Fu, Karate, Kick Boxing and even stabbing and firing. Gandhi is also shown ordering for a Steak –“Give me a Steak, Medium – Rare”. A total character assasination of all that Mahatma Gandhi stood for  – Non Violence and Vegetarianism. Wonder how come nobody objected to this video and how come it is still up on Youtube.

The viewer comments are not at all complimentary. Most find it hilarious and some felt if the REAL GANDHI was like this, India would have had gotten freedom much before 1947. All I can say is that I feel really sad about it!



4 Replies to “Isn’t This Insulting Gandhi?”

  1. Johnywalker says:

    What about the brand symbol used by johnywalker? its a sillouhette of MKG and highly objectionable. Sadly no one in India seems to mind it.

    Aside – u do amaze ur readers with this sudden touchy feely self 🙂

  2. Alladi says:

    Pathetic! How come there is a hue and cry over expletives used in a film or the national broadcaster’s signature tune being mocked in another and nothing over this insult to Gandhiji, especially at a time when we are all apparently going back to Gandhivad to solve national problems?

  3. Vishal says:

    That was hilarious.

    At least they got the “two white women” around his arms spot on.

    …and about you not liking it, grow a pair.

  4. Feezle says:

    You people DO realize that this was a parody spot from the 1986 movie “UHF,” starring Weird Al Yankovic, right?
    Talk about misplaced outrage over nothing.

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