“I Would Never Marry For TV Show Or Money” – KIM KARDASHIAN

“I don’t think I’m ready to go into details of what went on in my marriage, but I do want to make clear that I would never marry for a TV show, for money, for anything like that,”Kim Kardashian told Aussie radio. After filing for divorce from Kris Humphries on Monday, Kim Kardashian gave an interview on Wednesday while in Sydney, Australia where she is with her sis,Khloe for the launch of Handbags from Kardashian Collection. Here you can see the video of the interview: 


Kim posted a message on her Blog – “A Message to My FansI want a family and babies and a real life so badly.” Now that’s a whole lot of bullshit! Maybe she really does want kids – but she wants them as an extension of her franchise, not because of some overwhelming maternal instincts, you know? She’s always going to choose her ‘brand’ over ‘real life’.

Kim’s greedy mommy – Kris Jenner is shedding crocodile tears. The Pimp Mother that she is Kris Jenner went on a radio show yesterday to defend the ‘Brand’ saying: “She (KIm) made a decision based on whatever feelings she had. I didn’t interrogate her. She’s not the first person in the world to get a divorce or to have something like this happen to, and she won’t be the last. People have to stop judging. Kim needed to make a very difficult decision and she needed to do that on her own. She’s not five years old. She’s a 30-year-old woman who definitely needs my support right now. For whatever reason, Kim felt [divorce] was the decision for her. I can’t judge her and I can’t speculate.”  Doesn’t this sound like Kris is concerned that Kim is damaging the brand too???

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