Unethical Transition From Handloom Heiress To Polyester Princess

This is a rather unfortunate story and an unethical one. Veteran designer Neeru Kumar known for her penchant for handwoven textiles for her creations in now launching a diverse line of polyester, viscose and jersey dresses. Nothing wrong in starting a second line but what’s wrong is the method adopted.

People who follow Indian fashion are aware that if there is any designer who has extensively used jersey and viscose fabric to create an affordable range of dresses, gowns and tunics, it is Ranna Gill. This fact is also known to designer Neeru Kumar and she had witnessed the good business Ranna Gill does at D-7, the store in Mumbai where once Neeru Kumar too had her store. But Neeru shut down the store because of bad sales. 

Now to start her second line of mare saleable fashion, designer Neeru Kumar has taken the easy route out. She has taken on the chief assistant designer of Ranna Gill and many other staff like the Master ji, pattern maker and others. And that’s not all, by grabbing Ranna’s main staff, she has also made inroads in to the vendors who supplied Ranna Gill the material, trimmings, etc. By hijacking the core design team, Neeru has virtually hijacked the business model of Ranna Gill.

As per reliable sources, Neeru Kumar is going to launch the new line under the former Chief Assistant Designer of Ranna Gill’s name and plans to target the same market – domestic and international – where Ranna does good business. I don’t appreciate such unethical practices!

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  1. I’m glad you brought such an unethical act to light, Jaideep. Ranna Gill is one of our finest designers… to walk off with someone’s core business team is bad. I hpe she gets justice… is there anything we can do?

  2. fakefashion says:

    kudos to you for bringing this out jack. Neeru has been around forever in the industry but she s probably one of the most insecure designer. She is super secretive about her business and exhibits in a same show in paris with two different company names with stands opposite each other. She is known to be very stingy with her staff as well.Creative people who work with handlooms across the word are essentialy very humble and naturally nice people :). She is one of the first generation of Indian designers but to my knowledge she is super cunning. I hope Rana is handling it well.

  3. If this is indeed true, it’s so wrong! I guess there’s not much one can do to stop poaching of staff and employees.

  4. jack says:

    Jas you should write about it in detail on your popular website!

  5. S says:

    Not surprised to read this– having interacted with many designers for over a decade, many (or most), I personally believe have a very short-term outlook, care least for anyone except select clients, treat employees shabbily, and have no interest in building a solid organisation with sound values.

    Not right for me to state Neeru Kumar is like this too, since I have never met or interacted with her. Jasmeen or Jack, if you do a follow-up piece– please get Neeru’s version too.

  6. Ravi says:

    Thx for such a noble write up, it’s very awful to read this about fashion industry, hope this article will serve teh purpose of being more vigilant.

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