Why PETA Opts For The Trashiest of Celebs?

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) does a commendable job but I am quiet perturbed by their choice of personalities as PETA Brand Ambassadors. Just when I was recovering from the intolerable Pooja Misra posing in a hideous dress and hideous makeup to propagate a cause against caging of birds, PETA has burdened me with a nude shot of yet another trashy celeb – Sangram Singh.

What’s wrong with Sangram Singh? He is a respected sportsmen – a Gold Medallist Wrestler who got us Gold at Commonwealth Wrestling Championship in South Africa. Since the Reality TV series – Survivor – India, where Sangram met the C-Grade Bollywood wannabePayal Rohtagi and fell in love with her, he has adopted all the C-Grade lewdness that his partner indulges in. Recently Sangram and Payal Rohtagi did a photo-shoot that was height of lewdness. (In the photo you can actually see Sangram’s pubes popping out from his shorts.)

When a friend of mine told Sangram Singh that all these steamy photo-shoots and posing in nude doesn’t befit a sportsman of his repute, this is what Sangram had to say in toota-phoota English, “sweetie i become d 1st male brand ambassador 4 peta. m giving a social message that veg is strong as compare non vegi dear.” There is no doubt Sangram Singh is learning the ropes of ‘Publicity at Any Cost’ from his trashy girlfriend – Payal Rohtagi.

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  1. raj says:

    any news from the gallery of iifa, there must be some stories for sure

  2. I’m concerned about the precedent this may set for aspiring sportsmen… easy way out for fame(?). I fail to understand how posing in the buff for PETA will help elevate the position of wrestlers, as he claims. Don’t they understand the value of all that hard work and gold medal is shot down by one wrong move? O well!

  3. KT says:

    PETA has done some brilliant shoots before… Its not only sad but disturbing… a complete image disaster

  4. KT says:

    Holy F@#^

    browsing the net… look what i got… a perfect example of fashion + image disaster…
    can u spot the label

  5. Seema says:

    Reality Television star (Bigg Boss) and former Wrestler Sangram Singh claims that he is the Official Spokesperson for 2014 Winter Paralympics in India.


    There are also two new articles, probably paid PR, as below.



    He is using these articles to promote him all over, but we notice that this is not reported by any other news source. That is quite surprising for such a big role.

    In the meantime, We checked with Sochi Paralympic committee and they have denied Sangram’s claims.


    Sangram has also claimed to win the 2006 Commonwealth Wrestling Gold medal, but the wrestling federation of India has denied that as well.


    A simple search on the net proves that actually there was no Championship at all in 2006 🙂


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