Deepak Chopra & Rachel Roy Collaborates For A CAUSE

Holiday Season is a great time in the US for all kind of retailers, especially the fashion retailers. So encashing upon the opportune season, designer of Indian origin – Rachel Roy and spiritual guru of Indian origin – Deepak Chopra have collaborated on a line of Eastern-inspired, handcrafted jewelry and T-shirts that meld Rachel’s fashion expertise with Chopra’s background as a world-renowned spiritual leader.

When fashion designer Rachel Roy curated Deepak Chopra’s Law of Attraction Button, their friendship blossomed. The collection infuses western science and eastern philosophy through hand-crafted jewelry featuring precious metals such as yellow, rose and white gold with stones in the form of pendants, body chains and rings. Fine jewelry pieces from the Deepak Chopra Collection don’t come cheap and range from $325 – $495 at retail. The collection also includes three limited edition graphic tees featuring empowering slogans and artwork. But yes 100 percent of sales will be donated to the Chopra Foundation.

Both, Deepak Chopra and Rachel Roy had great things to say about each other. Chopra said,  “I’m honored to collaborate with Rachel Roy for a worthy cause. Rachel is the embodiment of inner and outer beauty. When you feel that beauty in her artistic expression you know it as truth.” Rachel reciprocated by saying, “We are transformed by what we read. Deepak Chopra, one of the leading thinkers of the world, in many ways has changed my life with his words It is important for me to share his words and pass on this good energy to my girls …” 

I don’t know if Kitsch, the multi-brand store owned by Sachdev sisters that recently started retailing ‘Rachel Roy’ label will bring this special collection to their stores in India.


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