Rahul Gandhi Rather Be At The Gym Than Attend Republic Day Parade

Well this vital piece of information was shared with me by my reader – Shauna. This is what was shared, “How come the congress party’s new Vice-president rahul gandhi was at the Aman health club on 26th January instead of being at the parade??!! Surely that was more important then building up his muscles at 10.30 am…”

Well Shauna I couldn’t agree more with you. If Rahul Gandhi is aiming to be the next Prime Minister of India, he got to have his priorities right. Rahul’s absence from the 64th Republic Day Parade was rather conspicuous and that too when the special guest this year was the young King of Bhutan. The two could have made a good photo-op. And now that you revealed that Gandhi scion was at the Health Club at The Aman Hotel, it clearly shows what our man’s priorities are.

Frankly did not expect this from Rahul Gandhi.

6 Replies to “Rahul Gandhi Rather Be At The Gym Than Attend Republic Day Parade”

  1. Punk says:

    S-hallowed be thy name.

  2. praveer says:

    He’s always at the Aman Health Club. I see him there also.
    He should be more responsible now that he’s vowed to work for the people of this country or did he mean working out in a 5 star gym!!!!!!!!
    Typical of our leaders- say and do exactly the opposite.

  3. ayesha says:

    Sometimes I feel bad for him always living his life in public eye but I also think its the price he has to pay and if its too much then go live Abroad and give up the power! And since he’s always going on about the youth and the people in the villages maybe he should frequent a less fancy fitness place! Everyone knows the aman is the best in delhi. Does he pay to be a member there?

  4. kamal says:

    not expecting it?

    Were you expecting the ‘CHILD’ prodigy (since he is still in his youth @ 42) to be solving Fermat’s Last Theorem ???

    He probably finished with that between 9 – 9.30AM, was on a quick break to the gym, only to return home to look at the drawings of the Dreamliner 787 so he could figure out a solution for Boeing!

    Rahul Gandhi = World Peace!!

    He is IRON MAN!!!

  5. Laveena says:

    Forget patriotism, I have learned from reliable sources who were shocked to discover in private, close proximity in talks with the Gandhi siblings that they in fact run down our country a lot, are least bothered and have to try hard to feign interest in national affairs.

  6. ramu says:

    The father of a friend of mine supposedly bitched about the gandhi family’s so called dealings to her. But what do I hear later? that oh! he said its so very difficult to get into their circle.
    so people will bitch when in the circle, when out of it, when trying to get in and can’t. they lose all the time in everyway

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