A Streaker Jumps On The Runway @ D&G Show

Dolce & Gabbana - Runway - MFW S/S 2014All kind of things happen on fashion runways. Models in killer-heels trip and fall, garments slip-off or rip at the seams causing wardrobe malfunction but what happened at Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear show in Milan was probably the first of its kind. A streaker (who has yet to be identified) stripped down to his little red loafers and managed to run most of the length of the runway, both fists raised triumphantly in the air, before security nabbed him.

GQ associate fashion editor Matt Sebra described it:

“While the designers come out for their bow and turn to walk backstage, from down the other end of the runway a guy rips off his clothes. (Not sure if it was breakaway suit or what.) Full freeball. Says nothing anyone can understand and just kind of zig zags up the runway before the first security guard tries to cut him off. Maneuvers a little but turns back and that’s when four guards create a perimeter to block his junk and he’s taken away. Fashion community says ‘huh.’”

The “fashion community” of menswear editors and buyers seem pretty blasé about the whole thing, getting up to leave following the show as if nothing had happened.

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