Mad-Hatters @ The Royal Ascot

MTE4MDAzNDE2NDU1Mjg0MjM4MTE5NTU2MzIyMTM2ODUxOTc5MTE5NTU2MzIyMTM2OTE3NTE1It’s The Royal Ascot races that bring out the truly crazy mad-hatters. From the super-thematic to the super-dramatic, you see all kinds at this race.



Like other years, this year too, there were crazy hats resembling fruit stripe gum, a giant jug of Pimm’s, one looked like an orange-peel (not the ones you see on the thighs and bums, but real orange peel), another had a horse sculpture and a cute one that had miniature hats stuck on to the big hat. Crochet, tulle, and believe you me; even real hair was used to make these crazy hats.

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  1. Lovely says:

    FashionScandal. Is it true that a video of SRK dancing with a stripper at an IPL party was leaked online a few days back? The video has now been taken down so I never saw it – but that suggests it could be all the more saucy LOL!

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