Amal Got Married In A Pant-Suit To George Clooney

clooney_amal_weddingA two-piece bespoke cream top and trousers with an off-white box clutch, all by Stella McCartney. Yes that’s what Amal Alamuddin wore to the civil wedding ceremony in Venice. So very lawyer like attire for Amal to get wedded in! Alamuddin’s trouser suit — a practical yet striking choice for a courthouse wedding — could earn it a place in fashion and pop-culture history alongside Bianca Jagger’s iconic wedding-day pantsuit ensemble.

amal-alamuddin-giambattista-valli-dressAlamuddin_Oscar RentaMaking her first appearance as the new wife of George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin wore a Giambattista Couture dress while in Venice, Italy, on September 28th. At their wedding, Amal wore an Oscar de la Renta gown as per WWD.

3 Replies to “Amal Got Married In A Pant-Suit To George Clooney”

  1. Laveena says:

    Dislike the clutch and shoes. Great how some women choose to get married in pants, but her look is too resort with that hat and the navy she’s ready to get on a boat or have tea with the Queen. 🙂

  2. Lovely says:

    She looked great in that pant suit. I thought the dress was a bit over the top though. Looking forward to seeing the official wedding pics when they are published in Vogue.

  3. Laveena says:

    “Lovely” is a troll!

    Also to all the others who call themselves Loveleen and looloo …what imaginative monikers you anonymous heathens come up with, while trying to hide behind the curtain of anonymity!

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