Who’s Buying $2 Million ‘Fantasy Bra’ From Victoria’s Secret?

vsfs-runway-2014-fantasy brasVictoria’s Secret this year’s runway featured not just one but two Fantasy Bras. And since it’s always a big deal for the girl chosen to wear it, it’s not surprising that Victoria’s Secret had picked two of its famous Angels: Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, both of whom are experienced Fantasy Bra wearers.


$10 Mil_Fantasy Bra_VS2013

$10 Mil_Fantasy Bra_VS2013

Designed by jeweler Mouawad, each bra/panty set will set you back $2 million (a bargain compared to 2013’s $10 million bra). There’s over “16,000 handset precious gems, including rubies, diamonds, and sapphires,” stated VS’ press release. I wonder if one is suppose to wear anything over this bejeweled bra and panty???

2 Replies to “Who’s Buying $2 Million ‘Fantasy Bra’ From Victoria’s Secret?”

  1. Pegandahat says:

    SrK for ms peecee – lol just kidding!!

  2. Etios says:

    Billionaire WAG’s are the prospective customers.

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