Hippest Way To Drape Your Scarf

scarf_drape1scarf_drape2Do you know what the most-Googled fashion question of the year 2014 was? It was – “How to wear a scarf?”! It came as a surprise to me too. There are countless ways of draping your scarf or shawl or a wrap but the hippest or the trendiest style these days is the style where either ends of the scarf is snuggly tucked under either shoulders that save you the botheration of constantly flipping your wrap over the shoulder.

scarf_drape3Here is a step-by-step instruction for the hippest scarf drape:

Step 1: Drape your (unfolded) scarf evenly over both shoulders.

Step 2: Tuck one of the front corners back behind the opposite shoulder, underneath the scarf.

Step 3: Take the remaining front corner, put it over the opposite shoulder and tuck it in behind your neck to keep it in place.

(Tip: the bigger the scarf, the better.)

Here is a website that has tutorial on various styles of draping your scarf. Love this handy tutorial (check out the “cozy shoulder wrap”)

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