Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor’s London Store Launch Skipped By ‘Friends’

Anjalee-Kapoo-with-Anita-Kaushik-modelsThe designer duo of Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor recently opened a store in East London. Everything about the store – it’s location, the merchandise and ambiance was hideous and bore their signature tacky look. But hey, there are buyers for those hideous ensembles and I am sure they will find many in East London who want bling that’s blinding and looks that are so tacky and  loud that it demolishes yours and mine aesthetic sensibilities.

Anjalee Kapoor’s present best friends skipped the store launch though they were very much in London. Roop Madan had to rush to the hospital at the same time because of hernia pain. Just an excuse it was!

Anjalee+&+Arjun+Kapoor+East+Shopping+Launch+EventAdding salt to the injury, Anjalee embarrassed herself as she got into a cat fight at St. Christopher’s Place  The fight was loud and in full public view. Only Desis can indulge in such act causing embarrassment to other Desis in a foreign land.

9 Replies to “Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor’s London Store Launch Skipped By ‘Friends’”

  1. Vrushi says:

    Hii jack
    Is PC not dating anyone…no linkup nothing!?!

  2. Aarti says:

    Your talking about that builder? Loser should go back to his wife. hasn’t she taught you anything?

  3. Snow white says:

    Anjali learn a lesson. These social people are no ones friends

  4. Snow white says:

    Lurn a leson anjale sicial peple are no body friends all want to be yur gud frndz will come 2 conratulation

  5. Anthead says:

    So these two are launching one of those tacky lehenga emporiums where desis shop for shaadi ka joda? Whatever she’s wearing in that top picture, even the most delusional Punjabi Bagh aunty will think twice before wearing something that makes her look like Michelin man.

  6. it's me says:

    hey Jack! can you tell us something about Hrithik and Kareena? heared they were dating each other before his marriage. i even heared that kareena got pregnant around that time and had to abort the baby. his ex and ex in laws were miffed with him and forced him to marry Suzanne. he refused so they shot his father through their underworld connections. he cheated on his wife and continued to see Kareena and one day Kareena’s mother caught them and the Khan family threatened him and as a result he broke up with Kareena.can you verify these gossips, please?i wanna know everything about them. and as someone mentioned here, what about PC? single or seeing someone?

  7. God_Shareef says:

    Heyyyyyyyy AntHead,
    Badi kutti nigaah hai teri.
    Even i swear on such big crater of Anjali under her athletic cum flabby neck.
    Oops Anja_Lee. Her doley sholey could have been jittery to even Bruce Lee.
    Aur khaao bhar bhar ke punjabi paronthe.
    Aye tumhaariiiiii!!!

    Aapke Kutte ki kasam, aapki apni kutia se bilkul bhi match naa karrti hui,
    Pure ghee ke paronthe si,
    Aapki apni chaddhi baddhi (Big panty in punjabi)?
    Aapki haraam ki kheer,
    Aapki God Shareef 🙂 🙂 🙂

    P.S. Whataa Poetic Swan Lake Dress she possess…
    Ohhh Cinderella, where are you!!!

  8. Etios says:

    @its me: What rubbish! You have combined and interlinked every event in their lives to make it a big conspiracy, don’t believe everything you hear online, some people just write anything and everything to look cool.

    Kareena thing happened in school with no involvement of HR, The bullet shot on RR was for extortion not related to anything else, rest all points are pure rubbish and imagination.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why bother commenting on friends like these better ff having enemies they are a mockery to the institution of marriage.

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