Uniqlo Launched ‘Designer Hijabs’

Uniqlo_hijab2If you thought it is the politicians who cash-in on religion as vote-banks, you better turn your attention towards fashion as fashion too is looking at en-cashing on religion. The Japanese high-street brand – Uniqlo has launched ‘Designer Hijabs’ at their Singapore store and are retailing Online too. Uniqlo is also coming to India this year.

uniqlo_hijab1Clothing retailer Uniqlo has teamed up with a UK-based fashion designer – Hana Tajima – to launch the new “modest wear” collection, including a range of hijabs.The range features stylish hijabs in a variety of colours and prints, headbands, long dresses and rayon blouses, which aims to cater to ladies who embrace modest fashion” as well as being “carefully designed to suit contemporary tastes”. The items went on sale on Friday from the store’s website and outlet in Singapore.

Singapore has a Muslim population of 15 per cent. It appears that the company is rolling out the hijabs where demand is slightly higher before committing to launching across the world. Whenever Uniqlo launches in India, hijabs would find space on the racks.

Hana Tajima is a British fashion blogger as well as being a designer and visual artist who converted to Islam aged 17 and went on to start her own label which specialised in stylish modest wear.

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