Was It A ‘Faux-Pas’ Or Attempt @ ‘Making A Statement’?

Designer Avantika Choudhary copyDesigner Avantika Choudhary_pit stopRecently at a public event, an upcoming designer – Avantika Choudhary created ahair-raising’ situation. She was flaunting her fuzzy pits. Was it a faux-pas that Avantika wore a pit-revealing outfit without making the necessary ‘pit-stop’? Or was she making  a bold statement by challenging the norms of feminine grace? 

Julia Roberts_Notting Hill Premiere 1999


Julia Roberts flaunted her pits!  Her act of hirsute protest in 1999 at the London premiere of Notting Hill set the bar. Accessorizing an Armani evening gown with some surprise fuzz, it was a refreshing rejection of the beauty standards that see women waxed, tanned, glossed and groomed for the red carpet. But then Julia Roberts is known for her revolting ways.

But whatever little I know of designer Avantika Choudhary, I seriously doubt she was making a hirsute statement. It was definitely unwarranted faux-pas. Ladies you better keep these details in mind when you step out to attend a soiree where you know there would be dozens of cameras and most importantly wear what suits you ALWAYS!

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  1. India Pheonix says:

    Perhaps a bold break away from pre formatted traditional norm

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