Is HAUGHTINESS ‘Cool’ For Louis Vuitton India Staffers?

louis-vuitton-stores-india-louis-vuitton-new-delhi-2-emporio--StFi_Louis_Vuitton_NEW_DELHI_2_EMPORIO_222_DI3louis-vuitton-speedy-40-monogram-canvas-handbags--M41106_PM2_Front viewLV Keepall 45Arrogant behavior of staff employed with international luxury labels in India seems to be a common pain that customers have to bear. To sell ‘Haute Couture’ does one need to be ‘Hauteur’? Bull-crap! In fact humility gets you more customer than being haughty.

All the fancy brands housed in DLF Emporio cheat customers by sending their leather accessories to Jor Bagh in New Delhi for repair while claiming the product is sent to Paris or Italy for repair. Now add to that misbehavior and haughtiness.

Here is a verbatim complaint of a disgruntled customer of Louis Vuitton in Delhi. I am posting it after doing thorough fact-checking:


I am forwarding you my complaint which I sent to Neeraj Walia, Country Retail Head of Louis Vuitton India. I was sold a Keepall 45 bag and a Speedy 40. The Keepall 45 developed problems with its leather within just a week of gentle using. Sales Associate, Hardik and  Senior Sales Associate, Nikhil Radhakrishnan, two extremely devious and criminally sound representatives of LV at DLF Emporio, promised, assured and guaranteed me free repairs on absolutely any problem with the leather whatsoever. Day before yesterday when I went to the Store, they showed me their real colours. LV in India is selling SHIT QUALITY, probably rejects or even better, fakes, without a doubt!

Please highlight this issue on your premier and much followed website. Kindly mention my name where ever needed.  I am horrified to see the attitude and behaviour of LV staff and their sham aftersales promises.

I will take up the matter legally, if they do not repair the defective, inferior quality bag they sold me for nearly a Lakh.


Vibhor Sharma

LV problemI am attaching the copy of the complaint and also a police complaint that the harrowed customer filed. COMPLAINT ABOUT PRODUCT, PERSONS INVOLVED AT LV. copy 2

8 Replies to “Is HAUGHTINESS ‘Cool’ For Louis Vuitton India Staffers?”

  1. Anthead says:

    Joke’s on him – that’s coated canvas, not leather. Don’t tell me the customer is delusional enough to have believed that this specific line is leather – rofl!!

  2. journoshiv says:

    if you have a lakh to burn for a bag, you deserve to be shat upon!

  3. Shilpa says:

    You can see the same behavior with the staff at Evoluzione. Such snooty staff, they treat you so badly you don’t feel like shopping there.

  4. Colossial says:

    Never buy luxury products from India. Most of them are of bad quality and even second hands. These accessories are lent to the stylists of the rich and famous for getting a good money. Then this used product is sold to the customer with full price

    @jouroshiv Looks like grapes are sour.

  5. neha says:

    i agree. never buy luxury brands in india. wait untill you plan a visit or ask a friend who is travelling to europe. its cheaper and also quality is superior.

  6. pia says:

    I know someone who went to the LV store in Delhi to enquire about when they’d be having a sale. The staff member told her ‘We’d rather burn our merchandise than have a sale.’ So much attitude, as though they own the label themselves!

  7. Vibhor Sharma says:

    @Pia SO TRUE! This guy Nikhil Radhakrishnan, the latest Store Manager at LV is such a pain! Extremely argumentative and rude, he behaves and talks as though he owns the entire LVMH Empire! Plus, he’s so beady eyed, he’ll give anyone the creeps from a mile away! Another female staffer called Ambika Ranger is rude as hell. On her LinkedIn page she boasts herself of having immense knowledge about consumer behaviour and other blah, whereas fact is, she talks to consumers as though they were SHIT. I’ve seen it myself. Cuz she did it to me too! 🙂

    The thing is Neeraj Walia, the Country Retail Head of LV, should kick out these old stubborn ass staff and bring in fresh talent who actually likes their job and interacting with customers. Walia, by protecting these goon like Sales Team fails to understand that if this keeps going on, WE, the clients will simply STOP coming to LV at Emporio. Atleast I have stopped going there. He needs to know how damaging his Sales Team comprising of losers like Nikhil, Ambika and Hardik, are for the LV business in India.

    Yves Carcelle was a wonderful leader of the LVMH Empire, but I certainly can’t say the same about Bernard Arnault, who is too busy collecting silly art pieces!

    Vibhor Sharma

  8. pia says:

    @Vibhor Sharma. Why would they bother changing the staff, so long as their sales are good. Like most things in India, such attitude will most probably also fall under the ‘chalta hai’ category. I visited an Indian designer’s store(don’t remember her name) where a male store assistant kept staring at me! I wrote to the designer on Facebook but never received an apology or a reply. Standards in India are generally low. I guess for many people, being seen wearing certain brands, labels etc is more important than courtesy, manners etc. Such clients probably lack these themselves!

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