COS’ Capsule Collection is a RAGE!

For the lovers of ‘Minimalist Fashion’ the limited-edition collection of COS that accompanied the release of Usha Doshi’s new design book – Creating with Shapes that explores an innovative approach to design, is a must-buy!

Usha Doshi is a Fellow at the Royal College of Art (RCA), and member of the COS design studio since 2007. Doshi explores the possibility of creating garments using seven basic shapes – a square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, circle, oval or octagon. It is a technique Doshi developed when she watched her granddaughters innocently experimenting with fabric cut-outs.

COS’ limited-edition collection inspired by Usha Doshi’s design manual is sublime. The fresh looks made with geometric pleating and structured tailoring in navy, oatmeal, and optic-white epitomises simple yet fabulous dressing this winter.

The cult label from H&M, COS has very often inspired Indian designers (to the extent that some blatantly copied them) is a personal favourite of mine and allure the fashionistas who are in for the Scandinavian school of minimalist fashion.

The book – ‘Creating with Shapes’ is flying off the shelves and so is the COS capsule collection.

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